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    Emma Sinclaire HD Video & Pic sets

    Pre Pregnant WEB VIDEOS

    DOWNLOAD web_bedroomsquirt.rar

    DOWNLOAD web_nipplesuck.rar

    DOWNLOAD web_oilrub.rar

    DOWNLOAD web_sofasquirt.rar

    DOWNLOAD web_show.rar

    DOWNLOAD web_shower.rar


    !! BRAND NEW !!

    may 25, 2014
    Emma is another fan of the Milkpump bustier. Very convenient when girls can pump milk and do
    work-out at the same time. And Emma finally got her puffy nipples back.

    DOWNLOAD bustier_hd.rar

    mar 27, 2014
     Nurse Emma has developed her own special therapy to help stroke patients getting back full mobility faster
    than with common methods.

    DOWNLOAD emma_nurse_hd.rar

    jan 25, 2014
    Here is the matching clip to Emma Sinclaire's 'addicitve' photoset. She really goes to the
    limit with her amount of milk here and she never looked sexier.

    DOWNLOAD milkybeautyhd.rar

    dec 5, 2013
     We don't know where Nurse Marie learned her job, but in Emma's case we cannot imagine a better approach to patient care.
    Sometimes, the job of a nurse can be so satisfying..

    DOWNLOAD hospital_hd.rar

    oct 17, 2013
     With a little delay to the photoset, we are happy to show you the 'Emma in Dirndl'-clip. She is so funny and playful.
    Skinny Marinky do...we love you!

    DOWNLOAD dirndl_hd.rar

    aug 31, 2013
     The Bar has already closed, the music is over but Emma and Mia simply won't go home. Mia's beer is
    empty and Emma's breasts are full of milk.......

    DOWNLOAD miabeer.rar

    jun 23rd, 2013
     A busy young mom like Emma Sinclaire is happy when she can relax a few minutes. Mia is helping Emma
    with a full body massage. But before the oil gets on the breasts, Mia wants to taste Emma's milk..

    DOWNLOAD emmamilkhd.rar

    apr 16th, 2013
     I am happy to have another great actress amoung my models: Emma Sinclaire. She was so realistic in
    her performance as the submissive girl that I was not sure if I could post this material. Be assured Emma did not suffer.
    Let the girls play!

    DOWNLOAD submissivehd.rar

    mar 7th, 2013
     After Emma had her problems with her milkpump (on Milena Velbas site) she organized a more powerfull equipment.
    She has to be carefull that this pumpmonster doesnt suck her in completely .Milking power: ON!

    DOWNLOAD milkpumphd.rar

    jan 26th, 2013
     Here you have already the 2nd clip of Emma and Marie. We wanted to post this clip in december together
    with the matching photoset, but the 1st kiss clip really showed the first kiss and we wanted to be historically correct.

    DOWNLOAD 2ndkisshd.rar

    jan 3rd, 2013
     Emma and Marie are getting ready for the party. The situation very soon indicates that they both are longing
    for a deep kiss, but the following kiss gets out of control..

    DOWNLOAD firstkisshd.rar

    nov 30th, 2012
    This months you really got an Emma photo- and video overdose. First as country girl on Milena Velbas site, then
    the cutie in the pink cosplay coat and now you will see her in full glory in the shower with an extra load of milk.

    DOWNLOAD showerhd.rar

    sep 6th, 2012
    Emma Sinclaire is just unbelievable. In her new HD clip she is surprising us with neverending milk streams and
    rhythmic milk squirting while singing 'jingle bells'!! By the way, we did not make this clip last christmas as her song
    might suggest. And beside her funny milk performances one thing is clear: she is one of the most
    beautiful girls on this planet.

    DOWNLOAD milkstreamhd.rar

    apr 24th, 2012
    Emma and Anna have finished breakfast and clean the table. For Anna it seems to be the right moment
    to get closer to Emma and she decides that today is the day to have a taste of Emmas milk. The clip is nearly
    20 minutes so, so we upload it in 2 parts See part 1 of the clip today. Part 2 will follow on april 25th.

    DOWNLOAD anna1hd.rar

    DOWNLOAD anna2hd.rar

    mar 11th, 2012
    We are happy to introduce fantastic Emma Sinclaire and her magical Milk show. How can this
    sweet young adorable girl produce these unbelievable neverending milk fountains ? She must be filled with
    this warm white juice from head to toes. Isnt she cute!!!?

    DOWNLOAD goodmorninghd.rar

    DOWNLOAD bedroomhd.rar

    DOWNLOAD brokenmilkpumphd.rar

    DOWNLOAD firstmilkhd.rar

    DOWNLOAD meethd.rar


    !! BRAND NEW !!

    DOWNLOAD Emma_Variety.rar

    DOWNLOAD Addictive.rar

    DOWNLOAD No_Beer_Today.rar

    DOWNLOAD Dirndl_Girl.rar

    DOWNLOAD Attitude.rar

    DOWNLOAD Black_Lingerie.rar

    DOWNLOAD Broken_milk_pump.rar

    DOWNLOAD Drink_For_Two.rar

    DOWNLOAD Emma_And_Anna.rar

    DOWNLOAD Emma_Innocent.rar

    DOWNLOAD Kitchen_Memories.rar


    DOWNLOAD Marie_Kiss.rar

    DOWNLOAD Meeting.rar

    DOWNLOAD MilkyNude.rar

    DOWNLOAD Secret.rar

    DOWNLOAD Submissive.rar

    DOWNLOAD Want_A_Taste_.rar

    PLEASE NOTE: If anybody wishes to re-up these files to a different host, then please do so and post them here to avoid double posts on the forum.
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