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Discussion in 'Rules & Site News' started by modelshrek2012, Mar 1, 2018.

  1. modelshrek2012

    modelshrek2012 The Godfather of Models Staff Member

    Please support KK and buy your file hosting account here:

    Dear Members,

    Kitty-Kats is now nearly 10 years old. From time to time we ask our members for their support. It has been some time since our last request. As you might know, Kitty-Kats is add-free. Lately, it got more and more complicated to fund the site from the revenues we make with commission with account sales for file hosts. We get paid in US-$$, but most of our invoices are in Euro. The US-$ lost a third of it's value within 1 year - so we lost a third of our revenues.

    We do not want to cut our service quality and change to a cheaper server farm. We also hate ads on our site, specially if they come with malware. In fact, we decided to do the opposite: We will improve our service, we will offer a special link protector (add-free as well). we will increase the number of posts people will be allowed per day.

    As soon as all plugins are available, we will upgrade the board to Xenforo 2.0. We wanted to do this in February, however, there is still some work to be done by the coders. Stay tuned...

    Today, March 1st, Filefox started a nice competition:

    Winning the competition would fund the site for a few months.

    Please support Kitty-Kats and get your account only from this link:

    Thanks for your support


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  2. ddbirdy

    ddbirdy Member

    I have been trying to sign up for Premium thru your link for days...It just reloads the payment page and never goes thru. Is anyone else having this problem? I have tried different computers, browsers, and credit cards...Only thing I can think of is Filefox is no longer processing VISA...Anyone??
  3. Rubber_Duck

    Rubber_Duck Member

    ddbirdy, I had the same issue. I tried with couple different browsers and cards myself. It did not go thru for me either.
  4. Hugh Hogg

    Hugh Hogg New Member

    Same problem....
  5. t0wo1bj0

    t0wo1bj0 New Member

    Is there a place to raise some issues about filefox? I got no response from from filefox themselves, and my post on this forum was moved or deleted too. My issue was about the poor speed and single connection per file downloading from filefox (premium).
  6. ddbirdy

    ddbirdy Member

    Update: As far as signing up for Premium, the third (last) payment processor option went thru for me. Looks shady but beggars cant be choosers...

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