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  1. Kronos88

    Kronos88 New Member

    Hey just a big Abbi fan here. I'll just say it's pretty unanimous her tits are the best in the universe so she's quite addicting, even if she is just softcore modeling. Wew! Anyway, I am looking to get her entire collection, I have most of them and keep my rapidgator just to download her every set. The guys posting her latests have done a great job keeping up. However many of her older sets are removed and I was wondering if you guys could reup the sets with broken links? Maybe post some other older ones that haven't been uploaded before.
    Would be much appreciated. As is the content so far, great site here, thanks.
  2. giveittome

    giveittome New Member

    Hi. I am a big Abbi fan myself. I agree with you. Her tits ... all 54L cup of them ... are just about the most amazing pair I've ever seen. They are ridiculous ... and breatakingly erotic ... at the same time. I have a few sets of hers too ... but I am at a loss as to how get newer ones. I think my favorite is the set where she was head to toe in Victoria's Secret style white lingerie. Neck choker ... two piece bra and panties ... leggings ... straps ... high heels ... the whole nine yards. Her hair was especially curly that day ... and she looked staggering. The bra lifted and launched her giant melons outward at an incredible angle. Have you seen that one? I'll see what I can do to help. Keep in touch :)
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  3. dedalux

    dedalux New Member

    What scene is that you're talking about? Another big Abbi's fan here ;)
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  4. giveittome

    giveittome New Member

    Hello. Unfortunately, it's not a video ... it's a photo shoot but it is devastating! Man ... those gigantic tits were just amazing looking ... with that white, lacey bra wrapped around them. I have seen a few of her videos. She is just amazing :)
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  5. aziz

    aziz New Member

    I have all the videos (144 of them), photos (181 sets) as well as 18 videos from Collected from various sources and in original resolution. If you tell me where to upload (I have never uploaded anything), I can upload the ones you are missing.
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