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Discussion in 'Model Discussion & Requests' started by Pandora, May 26, 2015.

  1. Pandora

    Pandora Member

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to ask if anyone had any suggestions etc for what they would like to see more of from Alex. What she could imrove, basically constructive criticism that would make her members be more inclined to stay or also motivate new members to join. I'll pass on the messages :)
  2. rockhopper

    rockhopper Member

    Are you the webmaster? Ok I'll play, if there's a possibility to do hi-res sets and videos resembling anything like what's in her candid sets that would be amazing! Because those last batch of candid sets are the hottest stuff I've seen from her and they're very low quality/fuzzy so if picsets could be similar to that or videos. Wow. Obviously she has no problems posing like that for her selfies. Also for me personally I liked her sets back on teenstarlet better than now. They were more risque, more slips, more sexier outfits, just a lot better to me. But that's just me. I don't know what others think.

    Also why were the videos shot in 60 fps for a short bit back on her teenstarlet sets and Kris Karson 18 site at the beginning and they don't do that any more? I would like 60 fps back. For all videos on all their sites. Oh and one last suggestion, maybe Amanda and Alex can have some guest/special shoots together since they are close friends.
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  3. usarasa

    usarasa Member

    I'd like to see web shows, at least once a week if possible. If they're good enough, I can see that leading to more members.
  4. Pandora

    Pandora Member

    I appreciate the answer. No I am not the webmaster, so I can't really answer the question regarding the video fps. In regards to the candids to my knowledge they were taken on a phone. She does have a nice camera which I'm sure would take much better quality pictures. I'll see if she will be willing to use that instead. I'm sure its just much harder to take "selfies" with a camera rather than a phone. I'm unsure about the Amanda/Alex co op photos/sets. But candids may be more of a possibility.
    In regards to the quality of sets from her site compared to TS I had said to another member that there may be some laws with her having her new site that the photographer can't personally be taking photos or something of that sort. I'm not familiar with said laws nor am I a lawyer so I couldn't say. Any other questions, suggsstions or anything I missed?
  5. Pandora

    Pandora Member

    I'm having a hard time replying to your post of my phone usarasa, so hopefully you read this. Web shows meaning what, where would they be hosted. I'm assuming there are laws that prohibit nudity from someone of her age on the internet.
  6. Pandora

    Pandora Member

    Anyone can feel free to post any questions or send me a message :)
  7. CheeksMcButt

    CheeksMcButt Member

    Rock is right. The TS stuff was WAAAAAAAAY better than the stand-alone. You can tell she wants to do better stuff, but man, does it get lame watching her just sit there doing nothing.
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  8. son_of_dad

    son_of_dad Member

    Their needs to be at least 2 updates per week, charging a monthly fee and providing 4 updates just doesn't justify any websites price to me.
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  9. Lazarus

    Lazarus Member

    I would be thrilled if she stayed natural and kept piercing and tattoos to a minimum. And by natural, I mean, don't even have any dental work done. I like her smile just as it is and it helps keep her look unique. Then, she just needs to keep growing, experiencing and maturing as a person and that will translate naturally into more confidence and sensuality. Sexiness is entirely about the personality that comes through the photos and she is on the right track enjoying the photo shoots and conveying that to her audience. Some of the most boring material I see are the "art" shots where the models are treated as sculptures rather than people. Of course, the relationship with the photographer plays a large role and finding a good photographer is probably a crap shoot.
  10. son_of_dad

    son_of_dad Member

    Well it would be great if all web models skipped the ink and metal in my opinion!
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  11. anilorac

    anilorac Member

    Like TS and other TS-related sites, what I see with Alex is that every video is pretty much the same as all of the others, other than the outfit and location in the house. I'd like to see some videos shot in a different style. Here are a few ideas.

    One where she talks to the members about herself while posing. I'd like to hear what its like being a teen glamour model. No music.

    One where she sets up the cam and does the video on her own.

    One where a friend joins her.
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  12. Pandora

    Pandora Member

    Anilorac I actually quite like those ideas. She is shooting this weekend. I'll screenshot your post and send it to her or get her to look at this forum page. Son of dad, are you currently a member of her site? I severely doubt that two sets a week is possible as it would create a lot more work for everyone, especially Alex. what about a set of candids and a set a week, or two sets of candids and a set? Lazarus, I don't think she has any intentions of tattoos any time soon, maybe a belly button piercing? Sorry it takes so long for the replies, I have to wait for them to be accepted by the mods. I don't know if that's a thing for everyone?
  13. suppoon420

    suppoon420 Member

    I wouldn't mind seeing more of her personality. I said when this site started that it would suck if she did the same thing week after week - like Amanda, Sherri Belle, Kris Karson, Dawn, and every girl on H/C these days seems to do. Stand in a different part of the house wearing a different outfit. Bump around half-heartedly while taking the outfit off. Shitty '70's or '80's music in the background. It's so predictable I can guess what it's going to look like 2 months from now. Go look at the stuff TS was putting out when they first started up. Yeah, it was a similar format, but you got a sense of who the model was. The production values where a little better than "switch 5D from stills to video, run through Premier, repeat." I'd like to see some stuff outside. I know it's cliche, but how about playing with the hose while washing the car? How about in a hot bikini at the pool? How about a sleep over themed shoot with her and Amanda? How about teasing the shit out of us in the back seat?

    I agree with the others about the candids, too. I'd like to see those in better quality, or maybe a few more sets that play with that concept in high quality. Webcam would be really awesome, too. FG just added that, and I think it opened a whole new dimension for their site.
  14. oopsalot

    oopsalot Member

    Weekly webcam show or some way to actually interact with the model by messaging her. It was my favorite thing about JM's site when I joined. More oops/slips/teases. Her pink jack daniels tank top set was her best video to date and i never saw anything close to that from the new site until the bath tub video. That vid was amazing. She seems really comfortable being risque for the selfies. Maybe it is easier when she is taking the pictures and no one else is there. Then again the censored snap chat candid was pretty revealing and someone else was in it. She is very beautiful. She is very confident in her pictures. It would be great to just see her doing what she wants to do or what she thinks is sexy.
  15. Pandora

    Pandora Member

    I hope everyone was happy with the sets today :)
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  16. oopsalot

    oopsalot Member

    It motivated me to sign up. Looking forward to seeing where this goes.
  17. Pandora

    Pandora Member

    Fantastic, I'm really happy to hear that, and I'll be sure to tell her. She will be happy :)
  18. somebeach

    somebeach Member

    i signed up in support and hope this direction continues
  19. Pandora

    Pandora Member

    Thankyou very much :) if you have any suggestions, feel free.
  20. Wolfen

    Wolfen Member

    any idea what direction it is going or appears to be going? Kind of hard to tell from the update pics on the site. Just curious.

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