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Allowed Image Hosts

Discussion in 'Rules & Site News' started by WilliamTeller, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. sidewinder846

    sidewinder846 New Member

    what about IMGUR ?
  2. LikeCool

    LikeCool Banned

  3. Karanovac

    Karanovac Elite

    Hi.Please its possible to back imgspot.org to approval list.

  4. qwz75

    qwz75 Global Moderator Staff Member

    Absolutely not!
    And do not forget, this is not a place for asking the approval of a host!
    Use: "Technical problems, issues, help, tutorials etc." section.
    Last edited: May 21, 2016
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  5. S-type

    S-type Manager Staff Member

    I have removed imgtrex from the approved imagehost list. It is not reliable.
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  6. modelshrek2012

    modelshrek2012 The Godfather of Models Staff Member

    Imgflash.net seems to have accessive adds and misleading links. Please check and delete if you agree.
  7. keeper31

    keeper31 Global Moderator Staff Member

    Could not look at a pic on imagezilla.net, Firefox would not allow popups when I click over 18.
  8. keeper31

    keeper31 Global Moderator Staff Member

    imagebam.com Does not work for me. Just have a page that says "loading". Anyone else having this problem?
  9. S-type

    S-type Manager Staff Member

    I've replaced postimage.org with pixxxels.org (the latter is the porn-preferred alternate from that company)
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  10. nimbus

    nimbus Member

    since i see they're on the allowed host list, thought i'd share what i found when i went to log in to imgbox this morning - may be old news, i don't know, first time i went there in a while but they say they're closing up shop June 30th - (edit: I've also just been informed imagebam is doing the same with exact same message posted on their site)

    Last edited: Jun 9, 2017
  11. S-type

    S-type Manager Staff Member

    I've removed imagebam and imgbox from the approved list. No point adding more content that will be deleted on 30 June!
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  12. boomhot123

    boomhot123 Member

    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 17, 2017
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  13. S-type

    S-type Manager Staff Member

    Imagebam and imgbox restored.
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  14. TheDudee

    TheDudee Member

    Imagetwist has tons of fake virus popups when accessing it on mobile. See the lexnai thread for the image that led to this realization.
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  15. starletfan

    starletfan Member

    I've not been using them lately, because of that and many other issues. :(
  16. S-type

    S-type Manager Staff Member

    Mobiles are the least protected devices around for browsing the web, and are not recommended for serious users for that reason!
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  17. GonzoBoy

    GonzoBoy Elite

    PLS add img.yt

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