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Discussion in 'Rules & Site News' started by WilliamTeller, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. S-type

    S-type Manager Staff Member

    I've removed imagebam and imgbox from the approved list. No point adding more content that will be deleted on 30 June!
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  2. boomhot123

    boomhot123 Member

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  3. S-type

    S-type Manager Staff Member

    Imagebam and imgbox restored.
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  4. TheDudee

    TheDudee Member

    Imagetwist has tons of fake virus popups when accessing it on mobile. See the lexnai thread for the image that led to this realization.
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  5. starletfan

    starletfan Member

    I've not been using them lately, because of that and many other issues. :(
  6. S-type

    S-type Manager Staff Member

    Mobiles are the least protected devices around for browsing the web, and are not recommended for serious users for that reason!
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