AndreaBabie / Notyourwyfe / Superg1rl?

Discussion in 'Amateurs Discussion & Requests' started by silim, May 10, 2015.

  1. silim

    silim New Member

    I haven't seen anything new from her for months, did she get a new account?
  2. edvikt

    edvikt Member

    she quit, most likely. She was a model in a music video recently:
  3. necido

    necido Member

    she stopped all together as far as I know. I might (and hope to be) wrong though.

    MERPER Member

    she comes on every so often when she is desperate for money... major rip off all the time though... never shows/does anything.... but guys spend on her like crazy cause she's so hot with a perfect body... charged 1,000 tokens to enter a private with her then requests the private be at least 10 minutes in length, so another 600-800 tokens and all she'll do is show her breasts but hide her face, no vag view and no masturbation

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