Anyone Have Privates of Misty Anderson?

Discussion in 'Model Discussion & Requests' started by Wolfen, Oct 5, 2015.

  1. Wolfen

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    I know she has been out of the business for a while and she had a site for about 10 years not all of which she did cams. I think I have seen about everything she has done except for some of the female wrestling vids. It is surprising that none of her Streamate public or Private chats have made it out to the masses. I would be interested in her Streamate years of doing chats. Especially any privates that anyone may have to share. Or if they have any privates from her early years that didn't get released like her I-friends and Camz stuff. I just love this girl and her body. I was always curious if she got very wild in any of her private chats. I know there is a member here that posts some of her videos on occasion and thanks for those. I hold out hope for some rare finds from the members here. THANKS!
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    I'm not sure if I still have them, but I remember back when she was still non-nude she started doing private webcam chats where she did nudity and I paid for some and capped them. Shortly afterward I learned that at the same time she had been doing hardcore cam shows on some completely different webcam site not related to hers with her boyfriend at the time as well as solo shows with toys. That was a real kick in the pants.
  3. Wolfen

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    Yeah she was on a site called Camz as I mentioned and yes the I-friends site was where she was doing the HC cams before she went nude on her site. But if you have any like you mentioned I would sure appreciate it. I hope for some Streamate ones too. I was never able to get to her steamate ones very often and I know people were taking her in private. Thanks for the response I will watch this thread.
  4. Wolfen

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    Just a one time bump as I am a hopeful person that someone on this great board has some of these privates. But as with all tings like this I will not hold my breath. Blue is not a good color for my skin. :)
  5. Wolfen

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    Hope everyone has a great thanksgiving tomorrow. I would not bump and old thread normally but since I started this one, I thought that might be okay.
    Would anyone happen to have any Misty Anderson webcams specifically from the streamate, camz etc that were private. I would go for streamate groups etc... I think I have seen all the I-friends from her earlier days. Unless it wasn't recorded and on the IF site. But at the end of her run she was doing Streamate mainly and I know someone has to have a collection of privates from that site. I am surprised since she has been out of the business for a few years that some of these would have leaked by now. I appreciate any help any of you can provide. I just have to know how dirty she might have gotten in private. Maybe even any custom vids she may have done for someone. Thanks again everyone.

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