Bailey Knox - Fucked the DJ

Discussion in 'Model Discussion & Requests' started by padi, Oct 15, 2018.

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    We need it for sure !!
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    holy lord wtf
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    Share this video pleause((((((
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    it was posted by darkcder95 about 40 minutes ago
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    Can we get it with rapidgator please ?
  8. re-encoded low quality version probably from PH :(
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    But I can open a new Thread identical, for the same file only, with a different resolution ???
    Or add on that of darkcder95.

    .... now also fullhd
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    file 1 is damaged
  11. Artem

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    and this video is not on any site, otherwise it’s impossible to download, but I really want to see(((
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    anyone with filejoker premium acc here? then msg me plz :)
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    Can somebody mirror that upload somewhere else? preferable somewhere where we don't have to wait 24hours in between every download.
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    Bought this last night. $40 is a lot for a single video, and especially for a Bailey Knox video, but I think it was worth it.

    The shower dildo video was as disappointing as the previous sextape video they put out. Interesting stuff just out of frame or hidden by shadows or objects... more than 50 percent of the runtime just standing around teasing or dancing etc. I have subscribed to her site a couple times and bought a bunch of the individual paid videos through the clipstore and the Premiumwins site and always been disappointed...

    Baileys content has always confused me. I mean, she takes fingers and toys in the ass very explicitly in one video but you aren't allowed to see even her nipples. Nipples are ok if they are through clear material or in a webcam show... but covered in the vast majority of her sets and videos. She fingers in goes down on Misty Gates but we aren't allowed to see any of Baileys bits... and then she fucks on camera in a dimly lit room wearing clothes... covering everything... before taking a cumshot to the face...

    It's just so random.... and so I've waited and waited and waited for something that I actually fantasize about... Baileys unguarded unobscured pussy... on it's own or being fingered or fucked... or maybe a full on blowjob with a real cock and a real cumshot... or the holy grail... Bailey getting railed by a meaty cock good and proper with everything on show...

    Well... we get one of those in this video. Bailey does take a dick in a couple of positions and you don't really get to see what you're hoping for. No actual good penetration shots, just camera angles that show that the dick is clearly entering her and that it's real sex. Shadows are used to obscure some stuff and camera angles do the rest.

    But... we DO finally get to see her with a cock in her mouth (it's short lived though unfortunately) and we do see her very clearly take a food sized load to the face and mouth... and she clearly fucking loves it!

    It's her most explicit video yet, that's true, but it still isnt what I dream about and I still want more.

    I swear... I would pay $200 fucking dollars to see a better, more explicit version of this video. I want to see a full 25 minute romp in explicit detail. This video is a very good attempt but they need to take the reins off and just go all in now. Clearly she doesnt mind doing content like this so why not? Do more hardcore stuff and just charge more money for it.

    I don't pay for much porn, just Bailey and Ariel Rebel. I don't know what it is about these two girls in particular that I find so appealing but whatever it is it won't evaporate as soon as I see them taking a dick the way I would love to fuck them. I'll just adore them even more and will feel far less disappointed and frustrated at the mediocre content put out in the past.

    Yeah, I'd pay $200 a video or $70 a month for a more explicit site. I just pray that they're either going to go in that direction or that in the filming of the current videos they shot a bunch of stuff that was cut out to release later on as uncensored or uncut versions that show more...

    This Bailey Fucks The Festival DJ video is very good quality and the original file has a reasonable amount of latitude in the shadows so you can boost the overall exposure or the shadows to see a bit more. The really good content starts about 10 minutes in so there's about 15 minutes of handjobs, fingering, fucking with Bailey on top... in missionary... and doggy... then a quick blowjob and a nice close cumshot to the face and lips. I'm happy with the purchase.

    I actually think this is one of the first Bailey videos that I can honestly recommend that people buy. If you're into Bailey and you've been burned before so would rather download a shitty reencode or try to grab the original file from somebody else... I get it. The Panda team really hasn't done themselves any favours with the way that they promote their Bailey content... but this video is genuinely good so if you have the money, consider buying it. I think we would get more content like this or better if they can see that people will stump up the cash for it?
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    There are one or two nice pussy shots and she put his cock in her mouth to blow him for 10 seconds !!
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    The only real nudity in this video is from a guy. Sorry, no thanks. I prefer videos to have women naked in them, not naked dudes and bodypainted women. At least in her shower video you actually get to see her naked.

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