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    MAXAGM Member


    Can someone please email this guy and get that uncensored bailey content he claims he has? :eek:
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  2. iamhowie

    iamhowie Member

    nice pic. mind sharing where you found it?
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  3. stnastna

    stnastna Member

    Also, 23.11 and 16.11.2016 camshows would be appriciated :) wink. ultimate wanker ;) :)
  4. NOS911

    NOS911 Global Moderator Staff Member

    Its pointless emailing the person as Phad has contacted him and told him not to share/trade as its hurts Bailey(which i suppose in some part is true) so this person is now no longer willing to trade.
  5. acecoyote

    acecoyote Member

    Hoping there is some Brooke Marks trades out there like this!!!!!!
  6. sandox

    sandox Member

    it's fake?
  7. NOS911

    NOS911 Global Moderator Staff Member

    Quite possibly it is fake, there are 2 other options, one its genuine from sets that Phad is selling as custom sets(which is unlikely)or the person offering to trade is actually Phad and its nothing more than a phishing exercise on his part to gain potential victims to sue.
  8. Rodzila

    Rodzila Member

    i think it was someone working for or worked before for phad and he/she is trying to make extra money
  9. darthmcawesome

    darthmcawesome New Member

    It stayed up until the original poster was called out as actually being Phad, then it suddenly was DMCA'ed. Take that as you wish.
  10. br0bby

    br0bby Member

    that's very mysterious if you ask me, phad would NEVER post an actual pic of bailey's pussy to lure some pirates , it's more likely that phad sold a custom set of bailey behind her back and then the guy who bought it tried to trade it for other sets that other people may have bought the same way... just speculations though
  11. katse

    katse Member

    holy crap, is this real?!?!?
  12. NOS911

    NOS911 Global Moderator Staff Member

    It is quite possible that it was PHAD's attempt at trying to draw in members with his usual creative advertising(the pic may be photoshopped or it may not be), if it is a custom set sold behind her back then that is just plain wrong and is in the same/worse ball park than pirating.
    However if it is from a genuine set beit regular or custom then he should be advertising that this is the level of content in the sets, it would i have no doubt increase the membership, and PHAD i know you visit here and read some of the posts so please sort out the phone verification system(if its still in place)and i will gladly join both Bailey and Brooke's sites, and much to the annoyance of those here i would not post any of your content.
  13. br0bby

    br0bby Member

    yeah maybe, but i feel it would never be like phad to post a nudie like that, i mean he does everything he can to tease with it, he would easily have blurred the clit part if it was an actual promo... i just don't know, to me it's either that he sold a costum nude shoot of bailey to someone, with or without her consent or someone who worked with phad stole the image and posted it, who knows it surely makes me wonder though and yes, the phone thing is crazy considering i've been told he stalks all his subscribers :p
  14. donut1

    donut1 Member

    does anyone have the picture? i didnt see it
  15. whipped

    whipped Member

    ditto ... would love to see what all the hype is about ... thx in advance
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  16. manuello

    manuello Member

    it's gone again :(
  17. jharris

    jharris Member

  18. katse

    katse Member

    anyone kind enough to share that mannequin video?
  19. OnionPants

    OnionPants Member

    Did she use to go by the name Becca back in the day? I found a series of soft vids titled Becca and Kris. Nothing special but she is nakid in them.
  20. Lazarus

    Lazarus Member

    Yes, she did some stuff for Fast & Sexy under the name Becca Brantley. Anything I've seen from there had been released several years back and has appeared on this board.

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