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Best BJ scene EVER!


New Member
I lost the video in a hard drive crash and don't recall the name of it or where it came from. I will attempt to describe it and hopefully the collective power of Kitty-Kats will come through!

This video is probably 8 - 12 years old?

Low res, low budget production. One white dude and two ebony strippers. They dance in a corner for a bit then come over to the guy who is on a dark colored sofa. They then give him an -amazing- synchronized, double bj. By amazing, I mean, they are each on a side of his schlong, taking turns sucking. When one is sucking down, the other one is moving her lips down her side of his member and when the sucker is moving up, the other is moving up her side of the member. This is all done rather quickly and it is clear they have rehearsed this maneuver. I hope my description is making sense. I described the video to a friend and he was like "Dude, I gotta see this video!!!" But for me, it is gone gone gone. :cry:

Does this description ring a bell? Anyone have this in their collection? It was probably under 100mb.



New Member
1349 views and nobody can help?

If one were to trace their fingertips in the motion of the synchronized BJ, it would almost look like they are spelling the large M in McDonald's.