Brooke Marks new video serie...

Discussion in 'Model Discussion & Requests' started by tatonno, Oct 30, 2016.

  1. tatonno

    tatonno Member


    Does it seems tha she starts a new serie of videos..?

    This is a preview of a video called "(S1E01) Uncensored!" from her site...

    Could someone upload it, please? Thanks in advance!

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  2. tnt

    tnt New Member

    I would like to see it to hope someone will upload it to
  3. quayanqui

    quayanqui Member

    I'd love to if I were able. Tried to join multiple times, using different cards, emails, etc... and Phad's broken-ass CCBill payment system rejected me every single time. It's a different system every time I've joined and it's never worked right once. It's like they don't want my fucking money.
  4. tnt

    tnt New Member

    It did the same thing to me too
  5. br0bby

    br0bby Member

    id like to see it to but signing up to any phad site is like giving away your real life details to someone who will for sure blackmail you once he gets out of this business with whatever porn dirt he has gathered on you, the guy runs his business very shady, not a great way to counteract the piracy

  6. Sneez

    Sneez New Member

    Anyone already seen the video? Worth it?
  7. billyboy666

    billyboy666 Member

    Censored version is up on her official YouTube - looks super lame.
  8. Toker33

    Toker33 Member

    I've seen it, super lame. It's actually like 10 seconds shorter than the youtube version. I didn't even bother saving it
  9. mythicowow

    mythicowow Member

    She should just retire already, not even trying to make the cost worth it anymore. Like a monthly webcam show that's always the same thing, few seconds of the same whoops every time, nothing more, nothing less, no escalation, no hope of a drunk show where she goes all out. No new zipset in over a year now and very infrequent updates in general... Now this new series just more overhyped misleading junk it looks like.

    These days, I just occasionally check previews to confirm it's same ole same ole. Was hoping she'd at least go out with a bang and do some "O face" type videos like Kate's Playground, I'd gladly subscribe/pay again for that, but not getting my hopes up. Seems she's on her boyfriend's leesh at this point as that's all she talks/tweets about, guessing she'll just continue to milk her loyal fans while putting out the absolute bare minimum effort till she eventually disappears. God speed to ye brave troopers who decide to ride this sinking ship all the way to the bottom, may you find a pearl at the bottom of this deep, dark sea.
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  10. Maxblue

    Maxblue Member

    Wow, Myth, that's pretty bitter. Let me say a bit in defense of Brooke. She's one of the few net models with real personality. She's fun and funny. She has the best butt in the business and dream nipples. I liked the slippiness of her shows when she was drunk, but I can't be sorry she stopped. At some point, every model has to decide how much they will show. She made that decision and reached her 'limit' years ago, like many others (Pattycake comes to mind). And yes, at that point, it becomes the same thing over and over. It's a terrible death to be teased to death - and hope dies hard, but it dies. There won't be any pearl at the bottom of the sea. So I'm not saying she should carry on, Myth, but I'm also not angry at her. Let's show a little gratitude to her in her dotage.
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  11. fishbulb

    fishbulb Member

    Wow, Myth, that's pretty accurate.
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  12. Sneez

    Sneez New Member

    The problem is that brooke does not deliver what she promises, the preview looks good but the final video always disappoints
    Maybe this is Phad fault...
  13. beckt5500

    beckt5500 New Member

    I actually think her stuff is still really good, it's not as frequent as a lot of the other sites like Nikkisims and what not, but the content is a lot better. I've been a fan of both of them for a couple of years now and get way more excited over a brooke update than any other. I generally tend to rotate my subscriptions around but the one I always keep up is Brooke's just because the price isn't bad and every time i've let it lapse in the past i'm in some environment where I can't subscribe or my card won't work, etc which sucks ass. (Actually last time I deployed the "bare bubbles" zip came out during the mobilization so I drove off post real fast and used a local Jalisco's internet to download the zip, who the hell knew Jalisco's had wifi??)

    Anyway i'm a huge fan of her stuff even if it is less frequent because you can always expect something different and she is somehow hotter now than a couple of years ago. Oh and she just released a new photoshoot that was freaking great, more vag slip than any other set except that independence day one from several years ago. I also liked the season, I doubt she's actually going to retire at the end, but I like that she's doing different stuff. The bit where she catches her panties on fire and sprays soap all over her vag made my day.

    Oh and let me get ahead of the requests, I like to cruise this site, freeones, peachyforum etc. for the comments and discussion. I do not upload the content so don't ask, it seems counterproductive to me to take profit away from the models/webmasters for a digital high five and make them less likely to keep making new content.
  14. Bet

    Bet New Member

    See the new series, same as the old one.

    This is all the idea of the photographer who wants to be doing something else, like music videos. The effects and edits do nothing but take away from Brooke. It also results in getting one video when they could be posting three for the time involved.
  15. wsxzaq111

    wsxzaq111 Member

    There's a new video posted today simply entitled "Video". Is it any good? Or is it the same old stuff? Can someone please post it?
  16. beckt5500

    beckt5500 New Member

    Yeah, I thought it was really good. I'm assuming you're talking about the daydream video. And why in god's name would I post it??? So they stop making more stuff...?
  17. wsxzaq111

    wsxzaq111 Member

    You need to relax . I see no reason why you should be upset at my request, I am not forcing you or calling you out specifically. This forum and it's previous iterations, as well as others like it, came about so people like myself can come here and get porn for free. Yes! For Free!!

    Did I mention Free? As in, Free Porn?

    If I wanted to pay for content I wouldn't bother coming here, I would just go pay the porn sites and visit them directly. I get that you want to give your money to something that you enjoy, but that's your own business. Also, if a model decides to stop producing just because of piracy or some other issue, then that is their choice. You will not see me crying over it. It's just porn to me. Nothing more.

    I have been coming to this forum for years and now it seems that these days there's just more and more white knights or people who want to make money off of site ripping.
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  18. son_of_dad

    son_of_dad Member


    Not sure why you'd waste time with Brooke Marks though, to each their own but that tease stuff got boring real fast.
  19. wsxzaq111

    wsxzaq111 Member

    I completely agree with you there. I would love to see the goods sometime, but I know it's 99.9% unlikely. The day will come when I simply don't care anymore and I'll just stop checking. That day isn't here yet, but it's coming fast.

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