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Discussion in 'Model Discussion & Requests' started by badweasel13, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. badweasel13

    badweasel13 Member

    So there's and Ultimate version of her World's Smallest Bikini zipset out there now!

    Has anyone seen it? Is it worth the $30, or is it just more teasing like many of the previews before it?
  2. Toker33

    Toker33 Member

    I've seen it. It's twice as long as the original and there does seem to be more slips but it is by no means the one we've all been waiting for. Brooke tweeted a promo code, if you use that it's only like $20.. Also the pictures aren't in a zip file or anything so you have to save them all individually if you want to keep them.. All in all i feel less burned rebuying this than I did after the second shower zip and especially that God aweful ghost bullshit.
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  3. mhenessi

    mhenessi Member

    Any chance you could post the vid?
  4. badweasel13

    badweasel13 Member

    Thanks Toker! Too bad this isn't the breakthrough many of us wete hoping for
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  5. Toker33

    Toker33 Member

    Eh.. Supposedly the whole point of making a new zipset site was to incorporate new anti piracy measures. Granted that may well be a bunch of hot air to distract from the lack of updates for the last what, like two years? Anyway he has too much of my personal information for me to take the gamble. Sorry folks
  6. lighty325

    lighty325 Member

    on yourdailygirls it says this is the final video. they don't mean that she is finished do they? hopefully just the final version of the zipset...
  7. RandomAct

    RandomAct Member

    Reads like it means this specific video. I feel like Phad and Brooke would make a MUCH bigger production out of her actual final video to get as many buys as possible.
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  8. TheDudee

    TheDudee Member

    Unless there's full pussy (which I see no indication of), there's no way that this is worth it. We've all seen her tits before.
  9. darkcder95

    darkcder95 Section Moderator

  10. RandomAct

    RandomAct Member

    That looks like it's the original zipset from years ago.
  11. zw1936

    zw1936 Member

    Indeed, new edited version is double length. im surprised its not advertised on her website. store on her website is old webstore epic zips, this one is on premium wins.
  12. tnt

    tnt New Member

    I like it but I think she hot it was only 20 bucks
  13. Sly_Fry

    Sly_Fry Member

    leave it to Phad to come out with a site called "Premium Wins" that doesn't have any "win" on it. lol
  14. Any chance for a re-up? Thanks!
  15. Equalizer

    Equalizer Member

    I miss Brooke being uploaded to reputable file hosts. I find this new one just another in a long list of flash in the pans.
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  16. zw1936

    zw1936 Member

    A little bit late for that advise, she's 31 now and working with phad more than 10 years. So i think she knows what she is doing.
    If she wanted more she would have made more new sets and videos on a regular basis.
    Only new updates are webcamvideos and a new set or vid every 2 monts She is probably too busy or too lazy to do it herself.
  17. Red Rider

    Red Rider Member

    REUP please??
  18. bjl12

    bjl12 Member

    ??? There is nothing to see in the "ultimate collection" / "PremiumWINZ" video. It's horrible.

    Spend $30 and confirm for yourself
  19. WootMcgyver

    WootMcgyver Member

    He offers a network of sites for advertising, does all of the updating of the website, pays a flat rate for the content she creates, and handles all of the anti-piracy. If she were to start over, she'd lose the brand (brookemarksTM prob belongs to phad), would have to setup billing, create a website, pay hosting fees, generate hype, and protect her content. I doubt she has the inclination or technical know-how to do it. That'd mean an additional investment of time to learn. Seeing as how she's in the twilight of her career as an internet model, it's just not worth it.

    From this point on there will always be someone younger, prettier, and more daring. As it stands she's coasting on a decade's worth of name recognition, and camshow interactions. The people still subscribed to her site are emotionally invested in her. I highly doubt she gets new members on a regular basis.
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  20. bjl12

    bjl12 Member

    Pretty much nailed it

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