Chaturbate v. MFC

Discussion in 'Model Discussion & Requests' started by biddle313, Jun 20, 2018.

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    I had two interesting situations, one with each provider.
    Sunnyshelly on Chaturbate basically cheated me our of 75 tokens by not doing what I tipped for. I complained to Chaturbate and they refunded all of the tokens I had tipped the model, around 500.

    MFC, without warning, cut away for "server maintenance" while I was 800 tokens into a pvt. I complained and they did not even bother to answer.

    I am a Chaturbate guy from here on out, not an MFC guy. Well, unless Christina becomes a model. ;)
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  2. VolponView

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    I have never had a problem with MFC refunding tokens when I got shafted or something happened on their end.
    Don't know much about CB. I only go there when I'm bored. So I've never had tokens to dispute there.
    The best way to get in touch with MFC is the form on their Wiki page. It gives u a "paper" trail to show them u are trying to get an issue resolved.
    Also, I've been getting email warnings that they have been doing a lot of maintenance this week. That might be part of the problem with reply time.

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