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Discussion in 'Model Discussion & Requests' started by keeper31, May 17, 2014.

  1. bigboy4752002

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    I notice she has a newer tattoo on her right forearm. I know she gets them for one reason or another, but I still after 68 years can't understand why. Some say they get tattoos to show they don't follow the crowd or rules. I don't believe that. I never have been part of the group that has to be like anyone. I am me and if you like me that is fine. If you don't like me that is fine also. But every time you look at a younger person it seems they have at least one tattoo if not more. I just look and think what a waste of money. Now they are spending money getting the tattoos removed for twice they originally spent.
  2. Marco

    Marco Member

    Tattoos are really an odd thing. I don't get it. Criminals, prisoners and slaves were sometimes tattooed. There is a reason they have social stigma. They are painful, fairly permanent and can cause infection. Why would a completely stable individual with a future want to get one? Beats me.

    Earlier in the discussion thread we talked about that forearm tattoo showing up in August 2017...
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  3. nicky1

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    I dont care about the tattoos. i care that seems to be healthy and i hope happy with her life and kids. I always miss she a lot!. Thanks again Marco for the update!
  4. Moderator CM

    Moderator CM Member

    Tat's are a personal thing and sometimes your a product of your own environment. I don't care for them but don't mind hers as long as it does not go extreme. She looks fantastic and very happy so I am happy for her, the content she left behind is an insane amount if you have it 1376 sets + 27 from other sites, 500+ videos and 78 webchats :)

    Marco any way you can gif this??

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  5. Marco

    Marco Member

    I was feeling lazy, so I asked Moderator CM what movie that image was taken from. He said, and I confirmed, it is from the movie "White Shirt." And now, brought to you with the latest MarcoTech, superior Christina dildo fucking in GIF format:

  6. Moderator CM

    Moderator CM Member

    That is fucking sweet !!!!! Wish you got the part when just pulls the dildo out of her as you can tell she goes pretty deep with that :p
    Awesome work as always,
    Thanks Marco :)
  7. apexl8

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    Hey Marco. Do you know if in any of Christina's vids she announces "I'm gonna cum" before she does?
  8. Marco

    Marco Member

    I am pretty sure she says something like that it in at least one of her videos. She doesn't do a lot of dirty or explicit talk while she is rubbing one out, but there are some where she does. I am pretty sure she says "I am going to cum all over this dildo" in one of those videos. Give me a few hours to figure it out...or someone else can chime in...
  9. cvbhui

    cvbhui Member

    XRED at about 18min: "Gonna cum all over this f**kin dildo... then I'm going to lick it off".
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  10. Marco

    Marco Member

    Yes, "HD X Red" is the movie. She says it "I'm gonna cum all over this fucking dildo" starting at 17:45. Then a few beats go by before she says she is going to lick it off. This is one of her dirtiest talk videos. I think it is also one of her better videos of all time. Easily belongs in the top 5 best videos ever released by Christina. She looks good, she clearly works herself up into a horny state, the lighting is good, camera angles and zoom are pretty good and the content is top quality for Christina. For those who care, it was released on February 26, 2014.
  11. cvbhui

    cvbhui Member

    Also HD-Red at about 8min: "I'm gunna cum."
  12. cvbhui

    cvbhui Member

    Also hd-greenmachine at about 17 min.
  13. cvbhui

    cvbhui Member

    Also HD-Blackfrock at about 8min.
  14. Moderator CM

    Moderator CM Member

    She said it in the 1st frame, pulled it out then in her mouth....OMG
    1. [​IMG]
    2. [​IMG]
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  15. Marco

    Marco Member

    Just to summarize what cvbhui has posted:

    HD Red 8:21 "Aaaaaaaa...I'm gonna cum..."

    HD Green Machine 17:12 "Ohhhh..I'm gonna cum..."

    Black Frock 7:53 "Oh, I'm gonna cum..."

    And for those who are interested:

    HD Red is a store video released on March 31, 2013.

    HD Green Machine is member video released on April 5, 2013

    Black Frock is a member video released on April 22, 2013

    I won't bother to look for more because cvbhui found plenty of examples. She did seem to be on a tear there in March/April 2013. But mostly it is her usual moaning while rubbing out orgasms. I almost tend not to notice if she blurts something out unless she looks at the camera and says something that is unique for her.

    Some of you may notice there is inconsistency in what the movie was called on Christina's website, the file name or how the movie has been titled on the opening title screen. I try to go with whatever gets at least two out of three. Black Frock for example, was not called HD Black Frock on the website, nor the file name or the title screen. For consistency, it should have probably been called HD Black Frock, but it was not.
  16. Marco

    Marco Member

    The problem is when she begins to pull out the dildo her legs begin to shift to her right. For the sake of the GIF, I went up to the point before her legs shift and then I looped the first 15 seconds in reverse. Thereby making the action about twice as long and creating a seamless loop. Here is a screen grab right before the dildo comes out and her legs have not awkwardly shifted:

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  17. Moderator CM

    Moderator CM Member

    Amazing and love the pussy to mouth action in her BJ vids too :)
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  18. sleazoid

    sleazoid Member

    Does anyone have a listing of all her videos with the release dates?
  19. nicky1

    nicky1 Member

    Happy Birthday Christina!! [​IMG][​IMG]Miss you a lot!!
  20. Jose Vazquez

    Jose Vazquez New Member

    I have been following Christina for years and have enjoyed all your Gifs and contributions to this group. Is there a section here that has Christina galleries?
    Any good webpages left that have Christina model content?

    Thank you
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