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    Thanks to all, especially Modelshrek for the posts, comments and links.
    I don't see Christina's "Serial" movie series on this site, or anywhere else - except for the Serial 01 series, which is available in many places. The 02 series is really good, but I ruined my copies with failed transcoding. I've never seen evidence of an 03 series which seems odd because there is also an 04 series. Any ideas?
  2. Marco

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    Oddly, I have "Member Serial Movie 3" which is in 11 parts and they appear to be from 2007. Sadly, there are a lot of older "misplaced" Christina video clips.

    Also, I think part of the problem is the confusing naming conventions used on Christina's website. Including the "12 Minute Serial" clips which were numbered 1 through 12, but which have file names like mem2-a.wmv through mem4-b.wmv. I am pretty sure they were on Kitty-Kats, but I cannot seem to locate them at the moment.

    There were also from the earlier Christina member site "Member Features Movie" and "Member Candid Movie" and her "Christina Cameo Movie" series.

    I know several people have asked about why we don't seem to have all these movies available. Unfortunately, a lot of this stuff is over 10 years old. Finding stuff that's over 10 years old on the Internet is not always easy and Usenet is pretty useless for stuff that old.
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    Guys, thank you for digging up "Oily Babes!" I'm such an Ellie fan, and not having that one available has perplexed me for a long time. What an important thread this is! :)
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    So when Christina decided to hang up her modeling bra and panties for good, there was a whole lot of chatter as to why and what had happened to If it was really Christine choice to quit cold turkey or her webmaster was just a real dick!. I was as big a Christina fan as all of you still chiming in so many years later. I don't no if Christina was at the point where she had just had enough and wanted that part of her life to be in her past for good. Which is completely understandable, life goes on and you have to do what make you happy. With that just said I wouldn't want to bring unwanted attention into Christina's life unless she was ok with it. What I'm getting at is Christina Model did something quit remarkable. She was the primary pioneer in my opinion of the internet model. I know there were a lot of other models at that time doing their thing, but I think Christina set the standard. Christina morphed from a super cute very bashful young model into a super sexy babe that did anything it took to make her fans happy. I would love to see if someone could contact Christina to see if she would be interested in doing a video interview for us fans still holdin on after all these years. Again I understand if she has moved on and wants to keep her privacy. But If she was ok with it, I think it would be cool for her to know how much her real fans enjoyed what she did. I have always thought Christina got short changed with her modeling career. I don't know how many members her site peaked out at in her prime but I'm sure it was a good size number. It just seems to bad that Christina didn't seem to get a big payout for all her hard work and never got recognized really for being pretty well known world wide. So some kind of interview or chat would be amazing to connect with Christina one last time.
    p.s. my question to Christina if I had a chance to ask.
    Would You(Christinamodel) have been interested in taking your career to another level if you had a real manager that worked to make ChristinaModel a bigger star? (like movie cameos, Playboy or other magazine model, more music videos)
    Personally I think Christina was more than hot enough to move into other entertainment things in addition to her teenmodel website.
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    You say "Marco I feel like I've never properly seen Christina's meaty vagina." I say "Then you did not look at the Marco pussy slap special in the "APR14 - Pink" when I told you to look at it."

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    She also showed it in Hot Hot
  7. CyFrog

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    All this talk of her later stuff but I still like her see through photoshoot vids a lot. That is when her boobs were at their best.
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    Marco Fucking amazing gif' have to teach me how to do that!
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    You quoted me but said Marco. I am confused.
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    Ha ha! I am getting credit for CyFrog's post. Winning!
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    Sounded like he was asking you to teach him how to suck dick, like Christina. Something you may not want to take credit for
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    Thief! Thief!....we got a thief here stealing my credit. LOL
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    That's a stretch, but you never know on this board! All kinds hanging out here! ;)
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    Near the end she was definitely not shy.
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    One of my very favorite sights
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    I still get off to her more then anybody :p
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    Thanks for all the posts here! I went through the entire thread last night when I couldn't get to sleep. : - ) My first net chick was "Maw" though. Old time stuff!
  18. Marco

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    If you like Christina, I think this is one of the few discussion threads that is still active. Modelshrek is one of the original Christina enthusiasts who posted her material. He continues to this day to keep her material posted. Christina may have left the modelling scene (at least for the time being) but here you will find that she is not forgotten!
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    You say "she's left the modelling scene, at least for the time being". Has she said she's coming back after the failed attempt to start a new site?
  20. Marco

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    I know of no effort on her part to re-enter the modelling scene. However, circumstances and things change. Christina is still posting selfies that are the type you see from people who seek attention. So, her time in front of the camera's gaze is not completely over...

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