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Discussion in 'Model Discussion & Requests' started by fux0rz, Mar 14, 2017.

  1. fux0rz

    fux0rz Member

    I know models have always been sending DMCA takedown notices, and recently a lot of sites have appeared charging cam girls hundreds per month to send DMCA notices, and they are sending thousands of DMCA notices per day to popular cam download sites.

    There's been some discussion about this here and there, but do they really have a right to send DMCA notices?

    They don't even have the original content (the live show that was recorded). Can they claim copyright on public shows just because they appear in them?

    This sounds like a huge grey area, and the girls and dmca services will continue to send thousands of takedown claims daily, unless one of the download sites takes them to court and wins (which will never happen I guess).
  2. Panz

    Panz Member

    it's a big scam on the by these site's claiming to remove "their" content.
    First because "tube" sites often aren't based in the U.S.A and don't fall under it's copyright laws, some countries may have similar laws and there is a basic international copyright laws i think, but not a legal person. So prosecution from someone in U.S. to say, Russia, not fucking high.
    Second like above, you based in Romania, don't give a fuck about it, they not taking you to court
    Only places these sites offering this service have some success are with upload sites, Mega, and the like. Mileage varies there, some people get fucking nuked almost immediate and accounts banned (personal experience), other people rarely have content taken down.
    If models had more brains or not fucking lazy, all they'd need was a template that could be found pretty easy, or pay a lawyer 1 time fee to draw one up for them for use to send to upload sites, sending to most tube sites is a waste of time, they just ignore.
    As to if they own the content, i've read arguments here they don't, simply because it's broadcast. That is not the case everywhere, in some countries, it's technically illegal to tape a TV show, because you don't have the rights to do so under reproduction. Most people only worry about distribution tho, which is where you may have legal trouble.
    Different country different specific laws
  3. Jackhole

    Jackhole Member

    Might this explain why and haven't been updated since March 15th?
  4. Falcon_369

    Falcon_369 Member

    Yeah I was wondering that too, I've been with for about 2 year, never known their updates to stop for so far, although I find out from Microsoft that SSL certificate has expired, so I guess that's why there are no updates.

    I was also wondering about the girls have the DMC logo on their screens, seems it doesn't mean shit, & some girls are under the delusion it prevents them from being recorded, yeah right! think again girls!.

    I think all this copyright crap will always be a grey area, if the girls manage to get their stuff taken down, then good luck to them.
  5. fux0rz

    fux0rz Member

    The admin of those sites is pretty clueless, I'm guessing he has a problem that he's unable to fix. If you want mfc caps is better anyway, they only upload videos with some win, so you don't have to fist through 500 videos of the model just sitting there to find a good one.
  6. cirdanx

    cirdanx Member

    Yeah, it only takes exposure away from them. They should see it is as advertisement when it comes to recorded public shows. I would probably have never went to MFC without the webcam threads here. These camsites are just too overcrowded to check everything out.

    I remember camshowdownloads being down for some time too, and they miss a lot of shows it seems. I hope the other sites update again, including the last ones, when it comes to my "fav" camgirl i would prefer to have the complete shows for the sake of collecting them ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  7. fux0rz

    fux0rz Member

    Exactly. The cam sites themselves know this, that's why they don't attempt to stop capping. But the girls are too stupid and greedy.
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  8. Jackhole

    Jackhole Member

    I hope things get sorted soon. is good but I like the variety of the other sites.
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  9. Panz

    Panz Member

    That's simplistic at best, "it's advertising, they should give away all their shows", like the question "you here because you enjoy it or for the tokens", and if she says enjoy, someone says, well fuck your ass for my enjoyment now then.

    I to would never have found out about cam sites with out forums like this, but more viewers doesn't mean more income. Just like more people coming here doesn't mean more content being shared. There is a reason most stuff is from "free" shows in public, because very few people want to reach into their pockets.

    I don't know much about how cam sites operate, but MFC seems to put zero-all into making the site better then it has to. Chaturbate seems a little more willing but i spend less time there, other's no idea. As to the sites doing something about it, MFC does have an option to report in the wiki or something somewhere, they just shit about it and would need to employ many more staff to process requests if they "advertised" that option there. Back to more interested in printing money and paying shit rappers for shows.
  10. fux0rz

    fux0rz Member

    What I mean is that free shows being recorded & shared doesn't hurt the models income.

    Look at CrazyM_ for example. All her public shows since 2012 are out there, but she's currently on MFC with 40k Camscore.

    I've seen plenty of instances of capped shows, or screenshots from capped shows being posted on popular sites like reddit/4chan etc and thousands of people being obsessed with the girl in the video. Some of those new fans could become regular tippers. But if there were no caps of models out there, the only way to find her would be to be on mfc when she's online and go into her room.
  11. Don_Lorenzo

    Don_Lorenzo Global Moderator Staff Member

    MFC's money base is guys "falling in love" with models and not guys looking for just a show. It's beneficial to MFC to just not worry about all the capping because they don't lose money from cappers only gain money.
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  12. Panz

    Panz Member

    Again that statement is simplistic and bullshit mostly.
    When i was more involved watching cams a small % is people "falling in love", i would say most high tippers want attention and sence of power more then love, there's always ones that will tip the exact amount to clear a topic, but tell model, "this is not for topic" or the ninja tipper that just wants to push his, probably large, virtual weight around to get a model to do only what he wants. Some tip smaller amounts because they want a show from that model or the few they like to "hang out" with. Most flock from room to room looking for free show for hours on end. Never really got that, how many times can you pull in a day?

    The idea that any cam site like people capping shows and putting it up for others to watch for free is pretty low on thought. Why would a business effectively want their product stolen? To use the same reference, Nike should encourage people to rob their shops because more people will see other's wearing Nike, "it's free advertisement man". Simplistic and and not smart.

    More likely, the effort to enforce is harder/longer/costs more then the likely income increase, not that they don't lose money from cappers
  13. Don_Lorenzo

    Don_Lorenzo Global Moderator Staff Member

    Its already free to watch the public shows they don't lose money from it
  14. fux0rz

    fux0rz Member

    They've already made their money from the public shows. Once the public show is over there's no more money to be made from it, unless they archive and sell it themselves, which they don't.
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  15. Don_Lorenzo

    Don_Lorenzo Global Moderator Staff Member

    MFC could destroy bulk capping very easy with a single server upgrade but they don't care and haven't cared since it started years ago. I remember even in 2011, I was recording 30-40 models at a time and now there are many doing a few hundred at a time.
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  16. cirdanx

    cirdanx Member

    They know it attracts people in the end. And even if only 0.5% of these people spend money, its better than nothing.

    Also...a few hundred at a time O.O ...and there are only camgirlvideos and camvideos to offer full shows...god damn it >.>
  17. Jackhole

    Jackhole Member

    Just as a follow-up, my upstore account was just suspended 3 days ago. I had been downloading many gigabytes of camshows from the aforementioned sites, as I had been doing for a while now. I e-mailed upstore and the only reply was-- account suspended. That's it, no explanation at all. Of course, the hoster on and is upstore.

    Coincidence? I'm starting to think not.
  18. Psythe

    Psythe Member

    My guess is whatever backend site that ran all uploads for the myriad of mirrors for camgirlvideos/camcaps/sweetcams got hit with some heavy litgation/dmca stuff.
    (update) Turns out camgirlgallery was the source for all those sites. Which is down since the 3/15 when the domain was last updated. So either they couldnt pay for the domain, it was taken down.
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  19. Klept0

    Klept0 Member

    My upstore account is still functioning and I find that you can still pretty much download anything on the site that was loaded on March 15 or earlier. There is something weird going on for sure with the aforementioned sites, but the content still being accessible seems odd if it is a DMCA takedown.
  20. Haffron

    Haffron New Member

    I have two upstore accounts. Both are still working and I'm still able to download anything from, camgirlcaps, etc, and since I have two accounts, I download a LOT from these websites. Upstore never blocked me for downloading too much.

    The reason why these websites are not updating is that is down. If you click on a preview you receive the error message "DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN".

    It appears to be a technical problem, not a DMCA takedown (since everything else is working). Hope they fix it soon. There are other cam recording websites, but they are not as good as camgirlvideos and some of those are scam.
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