filefox / jdownloader linkgrabber issue

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  1. emailspud

    emailspud New Member

    I have a filefox premium account. It was working fine but for the past couple weeks when I copy a filefox link, instead of making it available in jdownloader it ends up looking like this:

    But if I click the link, visit the filefox web page, click the blue "Get Download Link" THEN copy the new "Download File" link that is generated, then jdownloader picks it up correctly and can handle the download.

    I waited a couple weeks figuring everyone else was having the same issue and someone would fix it eventually but now I'm googling and can't find any other reports of this happening. Is anyone else having the same problem?
  2. emailspud

    emailspud New Member

    I finally noticed a pattern! This only happens on the "premium-only" links. If someone posts a link that could be downloaded by a non-premium-user, then jdownloader grabs the link just fine.

    Isn't this bizarre? I just deleted and re-added my premium account in jdownloader but it still does it.
  3. emailspud

    emailspud New Member

    I'm surprised no one else is having this issue. I contacted support a couple weeks ago and haven't had a response yet. Is there a different download manager everyone is using now?

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