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Discussion in 'Rules & Site News' started by modelshrek2012, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. modelshrek2012

    modelshrek2012 The Godfather of Models Staff Member



    It seems as if a few rules have abandoned to oblivion. Don't post "Premium only" links on this board
    without explicit consent of an administrator. We have only given a few permissions to long time supporters.

    It looks as if the majority of Rapidgator links are Premium. We have therefore decided to DELETE all existing RG links.

    Moderators are advised to give an immediate 1 week ban to any members that post premium links again, starting Wednesday, 19th July, 2017


    It seems as if quite a few mass posters flood our board with bot uploads. Usually, this are more content dumps then nicely curated collections. The use of bots is no longer allowed. They are spamming our board, they slow down the server and they cause a ton of duplicates. Most of the content is anything but unique, it is shared on 50 boards or more. We have from today limited the number of threads that can be created by Elite posters to 30/24 h, and we are now requiring 3 minutes between thread creations.

    Moderators are advised to give a 1 week ban for dumps. If in doubt, please ask an admin for a final decision.

    Be advised that repeated infraction will end in a permanent ban.

    If you don't post premium only links, if you spend some time for nice previews, THANK YOU. You can ignore this message. We defend your work by not getting it drowned in mediocre mass posts.

    Have a nice sunday.

  2. jackwarner666

    jackwarner666 Member

    Well said. But K2S has a lot of bad feedback regarding card fraud.
  3. seems strange my card has been used for fraud three times since I have been using k2s sadly sadly
  4. VolponView

    VolponView Member

    Might want to add the month to this. I can see some people trying to say that you meant the 19th of next month.

    It's not my lucky day. The first 3 threads I went to after reading this all had Premium Links.
    Time to get another Premium Subscription *sigh*
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2017
  5. jackwarner666

    jackwarner666 Member

    I refuse to pay. I've been scammed enough in the past. If it ain't free I don't download.
    rpearso3 likes this.
  6. S-type

    S-type Manager Staff Member

    Done, thanks! :cool:
  7. SAN

    SAN Global Moderator Staff Member

    Hmm, I was checking a few threads inside hardcore section and found ALL rapidgator links were "premium only"... honestly I found it weird, so I tried opening them with another browser. Well, I know it will look strange but I see all rapidgator links as "premiums" with Firefox or Opera, while the same links look available for free users if I open them with chrome

  8. br0bby

    br0bby Member

    I think thats because whoever owns kitty-kats domain @ rapidgator has enabled premium only links from this domain, if you open it via kitty-kats it will appear as premium only, you copy paste the direct link in another browser where you didn't visit kitty kats and it is free, that's because the referral header is missing.

    I don't know if someone was acutally posting premium links or if admin of kk accidentally enabled premium only for kitty domain thinking it would only affect his links but in reality it affects all links from kitty kats to rapidgator.

    Thanks for getting rid of the spam though, it really doesn't do any good to anyone!
    SAN likes this.
  9. dante551

    dante551 Member

    I would like to say that Rapidgator links are only Premiums on kitty-kats.net.
    I have posted the same link on another website and it is normal, there is no Premium.
    I do not know if the problem is in Rapidgator or Kitty-kats.net but I would like them to solve it.
  10. br0bby

    br0bby Member

    then its exactly what i though, the user who owns domain kitty-kats.net on rapidgator has set his "domains" to premium only thinking it would only affect his links, but it affect all links from domain kitty-kats. So essentially the staff of kitty kats just removed months of peoples work because links were premium only but it wasn't the users themselves who set these links to premium only, it was user who owns domain kitty-kats.net on rapidgator :)

    Shit, rollback?
  11. modelshrek2012

    modelshrek2012 The Godfather of Models Staff Member

    The premium setting in RG does not effect any other user than the RG account holder. I tested it, and nothing changed.


    If you post folder links, all files inside are non-premium on KK , vulgo Free
    SAN likes this.
  12. lovepineapple

    lovepineapple New Member

    does still work like this, if you open it in chrome is available for download ?
  13. SAN

    SAN Global Moderator Staff Member

    you have to try yourself, LOL I don't use chrome too often. But if you want to access a rapidgator link from KK without the "premium only" issue you can also copy and paste the link into another window of your browser, so that it doesn't work as a redirect from KK to rapidgator. Actually there's nothing more we can do to solve the problem, seems it is a rapidgator issue with Xenforo software


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