How to download videos from xhamster, redtube and other tubes?

Discussion in 'General Discussion & Entertainment Requests' started by paterson77, Feb 4, 2016.

  1. paterson77

    paterson77 New Member

    Hi , I would like to download videos from xhamster and other tubes , can recommend the service to download?
    Thank a lot
  2. SAN

    SAN Global Moderator Staff Member

    you can try FireFox add ons like "Download Flash and Video"
  3. Falcon_369

    Falcon_369 Member

    Simple, paterson77, you sign up to these sites same as Pornhub, it's free they only ask for a valid email address, then as a member, you can download every video.

    Or if you prefer not to sign up to these site, download & install Torch Explorer, then you can download from these sites, including Youtube.
  4. bornegg

    bornegg New Member

    I use 'flash video downloader', not available on Chrome, since it's built for downloading youtube videos. I never liked the making an account and downloading, I think they cut back the quality if you don't have the premium membership.
  5. DenyZ

    DenyZ New Member

    Savido is the way how to download videos easily. This server support downloading videos from xHamster, RedTube, YouPorn, Freevideo and many more
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    MANIAC Member

    Yea I pretty much use add-ons on both FF and Chrome. Pretty quick and easy
  7. paterson77

    paterson77 New Member

    Nice , thank you for answers , I find it! servise for free and without registratioan
    May same know how download for android?
  8. bornegg

    bornegg New Member

    All the same extensions and addons for the desktop Firefox and Chrome should work on the android version. I know Firefox you can for sure.
  9. Mia_1980

    Mia_1980 New Member

    I see, you are trying to download some porn videos in order to hide them for later and don't want your wife/gf to find out! Believe me, share your loved porn with your girl, believe me she will love. Your sex life will improve, it is a fact! J/k, lol, try JDownloader , it is very reliable downloader. Now, share your porn with you girl, and later you will thanks me for that!
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  10. Falcon_369

    Falcon_369 Member

    What I don't get, is why so many people don't sign up to Pornhub, Xhamster, & Redtube, it's free & only a valid email needed, I'm a member of all three & I can download all videos most in HD, never had any email spam or anything.

    Am I missing something?, because I've never had any problems with any of these sites.:)
  11. The Alchemist

    The Alchemist New Member

    I second this. I know xHamster and xvideos let you DL any video after you simply sign up with a valid email, an email, by the way, you can create in seconds, if you don't want to use your actual go-to email address.
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  12. Chris66

    Chris66 New Member

    Did you heard of Audials Moviebox Porn Recorder?
    It's really easy to use and you'll be able to download from a huge number of plattforms.
  13. ilovelibertyfreedom

    ilovelibertyfreedom New Member

  14. CheeksMcButt

    CheeksMcButt Member

    If you use Firefox (and you should be) use the Ant Video Downloader extension. Super easy.
  15. Cuncam

    Cuncam New Member

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