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Image Host Requests

Discussion in 'Technical problems, issues, help, tutorials etc.' started by WilliamTeller, Sep 6, 2016.

  1. WilliamTeller

    WilliamTeller Manager Staff Member

    We're going to try this again. Feel free to request your favorite imagehosts in this thread with a thumbnailed link for us to preview the functionality of your site. Our staff will review your requests and proceed at their leisure. There is no defined set of rules as to why we may allow or disallow an image host, but your approval chances are slim if you have the following issues:

    • Require scripts to be turned on for functionality
    • Require user intervention for images to be visible (aka 'click to continue')
    • Require registration
    • Have excessive or out-of-control advertising
    • Have multiple reports of malware coming from your site
    I will maintain a disapproved list of reviewed sites in the following post. If a host is added to this list once, it may not be requested for review again for 6 months. If it is reviewed and failed twice, or removed from our approved list more than once, it will be placed on a blacklist. Repeated requests for the same host may result in them being censored altogether. Persistent PM's to staff members may do the same thing.

    The rest of our staff may assist you beyond my scheduling, but I will not be checking this thread any more frequently than once a month. Please don't let any of this be a discouragement. We want everyone to be accommodated so everyone has as enjoyable of an experience at Kitty-Kats as possible.

    A list of our allowed image hosts can be found by clicking this link.
  2. WilliamTeller

    WilliamTeller Manager Staff Member

    Unapproved Hosts:

  3. WilliamTeller

    WilliamTeller Manager Staff Member

    NO! Before the old request thread was lost, this host was requested 50 times. Read the bullet points before you make a request.

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  4. Allin

    Allin Member

  5. WilliamTeller

    WilliamTeller Manager Staff Member

    If you look back through our allowed hosts list thread, you'll see they've been allowed and disallowed several times. They'll not be afforded another chance.
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  6. Karanovac

    Karanovac Elite

    Please check this image host and it s possible to approved here


  7. picpie

    picpie New Member

    I'm owner picpie.org and I wanted ask you if it would be possible to add us here to allowed list?

    Random example image:

    We are supporting hotlinks / medium size images and thumbnails.

    Also we are online from few months already. According to bad situation on imagehost market I believe that you will reconsider our request.

    Thank you :)
  8. boomhot123

    boomhot123 Member


    Can you please consider imgcredit.xyz?

    It has very little advertising (1 pop & Click through per ip/24hrs).
    Allowed upload size is 10 MB
    One can upload 200 images using ajax upload.
    Approved on some big forums.

    I hope you will consider it.

  9. RandomChance

    RandomChance Global Moderator Staff Member

    Here is an image uploaded onto Imgcredit. The 10MB size limit is rather nice. With ad block running, I saw no pop-ups or redirects. However, with ad block off, the first thing that popped up was one of those scams that try to lock up your pc and then offer to fix it for a fee. That's just unacceptable.

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  10. picpie

    picpie New Member

    Any opinion about picpie?:)
  11. NOS911

    NOS911 Section Moderator Staff Member

    Picpie I've just tried your site and when clicking on the image to see it full size I got a pop up warning me of a virus on my Android tablet and to call a technical support number, these are scam adds and we cannot put our members at risk.
  12. picpie

    picpie New Member

    This is weird. Our advertiser care for safety ads. You still have this issue?
  13. NOS911

    NOS911 Section Moderator Staff Member

    To answer your question yes I do [​IMG] this pops up when I click on the red share button.
    I must say apart from that issue your site is worth considering as an approved image host.
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