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  1. boomhot123

    boomhot123 Member

    imgcredit does not have a clickthrough and it does not have an affiliate program

    Just 1 pop per ip every 24 hrs

  2. xericx

    xericx Member

    I still do not understand how is forbidden in this forum... and even works much better than
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  3. bigpig

    bigpig New Member

    Could you please add the image hosting to the list of sites that are allowed?
  4. WilliamTeller

    WilliamTeller Manager Staff Member

    Maybe if you read the first post you would get it. Same goes for everyone who has a host not allowed here.
  5. IMGSU

    IMGSU New Member

    Hello Everyone,

    I would like to suggest a new Image host ICLICKPORN.COM (NSFW)

    ICP and IMGSU offers a lot of features for users. Some of them are:

    1. Hotlinking Allowed
    2. Major Image File Types Supported (JPG PNG BMP GIF)
    3. 100MB Maximum File Size
    4. Simple Interface
    5. Unlimited Storage Space
    6. Unlimited Storage Time For Registered Users

    That's not all, here are the rest!!



    Some Samples:








    I hope you guys like these sites, the team keeps adding new features. [​IMG]

    I hope these sites get listed in approved image host.

    Kind Regards,
  6. godofsex178

    godofsex178 New Member

    Can you please allow to be an allowed image host ? It stores image for 365 days before deleting it if it isn't viewed.

    Thank you.
  7. TheGuyInBlack

    TheGuyInBlack New Member

    Maybe you could allow
    No spam, free and super easy to use.
  8. MuadDib

    MuadDib Member

    Could we come up with some thumbnail rules ?

    There's no need to take 40+ screencaps and post them as one tiny image that says "hotlinking not allowed" when you click on it or use a hoverzoom plug in.

    The whole point is to actually see what's really included in the scene, most posters it seems use bots, so just use multiple standard keywords, whether or not they fit the upload.

    You can see that even with 16 screencaps it's far more visible to the users, even when the image host still does not allow hotlinking ***


    I'd like to suggest no more than 12 screencaps (I think 9 is optimal) are needed to be clumped together in one image for display purposes.

    *** why are they allowed as imagehosts if they don't allow hotlinking anyway !
  9. RandomChance

    RandomChance Global Moderator Staff Member

    All previews should be clickable. Forum codes should be used at all times.
  10. MuadDib

    MuadDib Member

    None of them are, whole threads use img hosts that don't allow hotlinking, can you see the screenshots I have taken above ?

    This is what happens when you click on them:

  11. qwz75

    qwz75 Global Moderator Staff Member

    Please tell us some info about your OP and the browser + its version...
  12. MuadDib

    MuadDib Member

    Windows 8.1 (64bit)
    firefox 58.0.2
  13. RandomChance

    RandomChance Global Moderator Staff Member

    I've never seen that error message before. Can you post an actual link?
  14. MuadDib

    MuadDib Member

    Here's a link to a thread >

    You can see that he was using imgchilli but they don't allow hotlinking, so he has changed to imgtwist but when you use a "hoverzoom" FF plug in, it won't allow you to view the image >>


    so you click it and it takes you to imgtwist itself and you STILL can't see it >>>


    ...... yet the thumbnails made are so small you can't see clearly, no matter how you try.
  15. MuadDib

    MuadDib Member

    Have you had any thoughts about what I've presented and the issues with imgtwist ?

    Even some of your own threads are effected.

    The images you present are large so it's not really an issue but if they were small thumbnails and you click on them to get a better view, this is what you see:
  16. SAN

    SAN Global Moderator Staff Member

    honestly I see nothing wrong in both RC and Guest69 picture links. All the thumbs I've tried to open lead me directly to the original size picture, no imagetwist errors (FYI: I use Firefox ESR)

  17. MuadDib

    MuadDib Member

    This is what I see, I hover to see an imgetwist error, then click it to be taken to an imgtwist error.


    I don't know what you're looking at, can you repeat my actions on RC latest images in that thread ?
  18. SAN

    SAN Global Moderator Staff Member

    I don't use hoverzoom, I've just tried to install it and made a test, I didn't get the same error as you but seems that add on isn't working properly with imagetwist (even the addon description doesn't have a complete list of supported websites) --> on my PC picture zoom from imagetwist doesn't work, but if I click on the pictures I get the full size without any error. The only suggestion I have is to disable hoverzoom, imagetwist has nothing to do with your problem

  19. MuadDib

    MuadDib Member

    I don't use hoverzoom, like you said it doesn't work now FF has upgraded, I use imagus but nevertheless imgtwist doesn't work most of the time for me when I click on it like I've shown and it's not that I don't believe you but why don't you post a screenshot or gif of the same actions on the same thread/post as myself to show how it works for you.
  20. MuadDib

    MuadDib Member

    Actually, here is an example of just how random and unstable imgtwist is, one works, one doesn't, they're posted on the same thread, within same post.


    Either way I think it would be better if thumbnails were clearer, 3x3 images max rather than what we have here (6x7)

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