Announcements Important Filehosting rules change - Applies March 7th

Discussion in 'Webcam Girls' started by SAN, Mar 5, 2018.

  1. SAN

    SAN Global Moderator Staff Member

    Hi, this message is directed to all members who post here on a regular basis. We will change posting rules in the next few days and wanted to inform you about our plans

    • Our system of "preferred hosts" will be terminated. Too many people posted fake links to Filefox, K2S or Rapidgator just to make their questionable filehost choice make look legit
    • Starting March 7th, all new posts are only allowed if they come with Filefox, K2S, FileBoom or Rapigator link. April 1st all links to other hosts will be blocked/filtered
    • We strongly recommend Filefox. We tested them for half a year
    • We recommend you to change to Filefox now, because they do not only offer good service, but it will boost your sales. The early bird catches the worm!
    Get it here:

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  2. justforfun

    justforfun New Member

    It looks like firefox has been down for a few days (at least from trying to download vids without being a paying member). No matter what vid you select, go thru the Captcha nonsense, and then try to download you always get a "Connection Limit!" error message and then delayed for a few hours. You sure they are still in business? If so, their tech support is really letting them down!
  3. justforfun

    justforfun New Member

    Spellcheck does it again -- that should be filefox not spellchecks "firefox"
  4. SAN

    SAN Global Moderator Staff Member

    honestly I haven't experienced any issue with filefox recently, please address your "complaints" to filefox assistance

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