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    shes back on mfc under the name https://www.myfreecams.com/#LucyJ1 , she used to be qtpie91. still saying she will flash for x amount of tokens and never does. claims she has nsfw snapchat and will block your or add you and not send or show anything. will have group or private show and not show anything apart from her miserable face. avoid at all costs!
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    Doesn't look like the same girl to me.
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    it is, just had her lips done some more and fucked them up. she blocked someone for calling her that then went offline to try and make people not see it
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    I have to laugh...:D:D:D. serves them right for trusting a camwhore. its fairly well documented that this happens on skypes quite a bit. giving large tips upfront and getting a good show is a rarity. at best ur gonna get a half-assed show, shes been paid, no need for her to do much, and tips WILL NOT be refunded.

    so, in closing ahhh ha ha ha ha, asshole. < thats to the asshole that got scammed, hope ur not him, if so, re-read.
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    I didnt get scammed, i caught on to her shit with the previous 3 accounts shes had on mfc. Seen her to do it for myself multiple times and blame her chatroom being quiet because she's new.
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    If they are new models take them to Private. It may be more expensive, but you can bale out early (and save your tokens) when you realise that she's full of shit. Additionally, when a model has a really short Private show hopefully other premium users will grow suspicious of her.

    Never do a Skype show with them until you know what sort of person they are.
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