Jenny Blighe and Ginger Banks drama

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    So the two of them shot some pro videos for Evil Angel, for their Cam Girls Movie. I've only seen the Jenny straight sex one and their G/G. Interested to see their 3some w/ Manuel Ferrera.

    Anyhow, their friendship seems to have blown up this week. It seems a bit catty, but I guess that's how internet arguments appear. If you want to see it all, look at their tweets on July 31 and August 1; I think they deleted some of them, but the arguments are mostly there. Jenny really seems soured on the whole Evil Angel experience (it seems people behind camera were being a bit more creepy than she was comfortable with?). I'm a big fan of Jenny's, so this is too bad. Not a fan of Ginger though, and this incident doesn't help.

    Here are a few tweets from Ginger:

    And from Jenny:
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