Jenny Blighe and Ginger Banks drama

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    So the two of them shot some pro videos for Evil Angel, for their Cam Girls Movie. I've only seen the Jenny straight sex one and their G/G. Interested to see their 3some w/ Manuel Ferrera.

    Anyhow, their friendship seems to have blown up this week. It seems a bit catty, but I guess that's how internet arguments appear. If you want to see it all, look at their tweets on July 31 and August 1; I think they deleted some of them, but the arguments are mostly there. Jenny really seems soured on the whole Evil Angel experience (it seems people behind camera were being a bit more creepy than she was comfortable with?). I'm a big fan of Jenny's, so this is too bad. Not a fan of Ginger though, and this incident doesn't help.

    Here are a few tweets from Ginger:

    And from Jenny:
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    When u watch their porn you see that the manuel ferrara dude is mostly fucking jenny, what ginger said make sense, she probably had the fuck or her life so her boyfriend probably went crazy about it, so she had to lie and create a fake drama, also why did she waited for the movie to get out to tell all this ? She probably waited to get the money from the production after the movie drop
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    haven't seen it and don't care to, but i'm going to guess they both contractually had to promote the movie until release. Would be like you wanting to sell your car, but before doing so you posted 50 video's of you being a fuckhead in it, all the problems it has, and pointing out the rust holes you've hidden with silicon and cardboard. Doesn't make much sense then does it? So yes, i'd keep my mouth shut until i got the money to

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    Yes, Jenny confirmed that, she had to fulfill the agreement in the contract -- to promote the movie. I haven't followed either of them the past few weeks, but I watched a video that Ginger did sharing her side of the story. I'm not fan of Ginger at all, but she's pretty honest in her video, and you can understand her point of view. When you listen to her side of the story, I think there's an underlying understanding that the issues are ultimately due to two persons having different perspectives, and interpreting things differently. It's unfortunate. But I hope they have peace with each other.

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