K2S slows to a crawl

Discussion in 'Technical problems, issues, help, tutorials etc.' started by 19silver21, Aug 4, 2018.

  1. 19silver21

    19silver21 Member

    Anybody else notice this? Thanks
  2. 19silver21

    19silver21 Member

    What has happened to k2s? So SLOW
  3. 19silver21

    19silver21 Member

    5 Hours to download a small file.
  4. 19silver21

    19silver21 Member

    Mayby time for another host. Nothing works .
  5. lovejeans

    lovejeans New Member

    I figured it was just me or, my computer. It's been absolutely terrible the past few weeks. verrrrry slooooowww...
  6. 19silver21

    19silver21 Member

    This still happening seems crazy after working good.
  7. S-type

    S-type Manager Staff Member

    I've got a K2S Premium Pro account, and while I haven't experienced a permanent drop in download speeds, I have noticed extreme variations. There doesn't appear to be a pattern - a time of day, for example, I've downloaded files only minutes apart with wide variations in speed. But they have become an extremely popular host and are perhaps struggling to cope with their success?
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  8. 19silver21

    19silver21 Member

    Still pityfully slow downloads. Dont think they care about it .

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