Kari Sweets newest Ultimate Collection- Car Wash

Discussion in 'Model Discussion & Requests' started by Chiefwiggum77, Jun 24, 2018.

  1. Chiefwiggum77

    Chiefwiggum77 New Member

    Has anyone seen the latest release of the car wash video with the new footage of her going up the stairs? If so, is it any good?
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  2. lrlr

    lrlr New Member

    In the preview you were able to see shots from the back on the stairs - looked promissing!!!
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  3. italiano30

    italiano30 Member

    Which one is the one she shows nips? cant remember :(
  4. darkcder95

    darkcder95 Section Moderator

  5. Thanks, darkcder95. Any chance you can repost? I've been trying to download since you posted, but it kept failing and now the file seems to be gone :(
  6. italiano30

    italiano30 Member

    Anyone seen xmas suspenders? says shows nips and pussy on
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  7. LolMets

    LolMets New Member

    +1 to this, I've been looking for the suspenders vid! I also was away for a few weeks and missed the UC pic collections that went up, and the last couple UC vids before that folder was emptied - anything good enough in those to bother asking for reposts?
  8. dingdong82

    dingdong82 New Member

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