Kaspersky: fapat.me is malware

Discussion in 'Technical problems, issues, help, tutorials etc.' started by WhatIsThis, Apr 15, 2017.

  1. WhatIsThis

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  2. nimbus

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    yeah they should ban it - used to be ok but who knows who took it over or who's hacking it - I just now clicked one of these thumbs http://kitty-kats.net/threads/melanie-rios-valerie-rios-vocare-x197-4256x2832.2508682/, clicked continue to image and got one of those fake microsoft security alerts that basically wanted control of my pc while ringing that ear splitting tone they emit. I had to shut the browser down through task manager and restart because it froze the browser.
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    I also have the problem. Kaspersky stops me from seeing the fapat.me images. Of course I could make an exception, but that could be dangerous. It is a major problem, als at least 25% of all images here seem to be on fapat.me.

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