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Discussion in 'Model Discussion & Requests' started by JJ83, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. JJ83

    JJ83 Member

    Someone posted on anon-ib that Kris Karson would be posing for New City. Since Cali Skye was there, that might be possible.

    Anyone know anything?
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  2. billfapper

    billfapper Member

    Need this confirmed ASAP! Know which New City site it would be?
  3. Rodzila

    Rodzila Member

    back to non nude?? that's sad.
  4. pandion

    pandion New Member

    I would love for her to do nudes but I will take anything of hers I can get! She was my favorite model and it broke my heart when she stopped.
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  5. reemul

    reemul Member

    The New City webmaster has only confirmed that a well-known model might be coming onboard, but he didn't want to confirm it until he had film in his hand, as anything could happen until then. He expected to be able to say for certain September 5 in a members broadcast. Until then we're all just guessing.

    That said, even if the new model - whoever the hell she turns out to be - starts out on the NN site, it doesn't rule out nude sets and videos over on the Biz Cave site. So no sense getting disappointed in advance. Just chill for the next few days and we'll all find out.
  6. billfapper

    billfapper Member

    Trying to stay calm here...
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  7. Putin1

    Putin1 Member

    Oh for the love of god please let this be real!
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  8. floridadude

    floridadude Member

  9. If it really is Kris, I just hope she didn't do something crazy like get her boobs done or anything like that. She's perfectly fine as-is.
  10. floridadude

    floridadude Member

    Absolutely correct! I think her figure is utterly fantastic, and needs no artificial assistance.
  11. heyblinkin11

    heyblinkin11 Member

    So I guess this isn't happening then? :(
  12. BOZZOO

    BOZZOO Member

    dont u mean udder-ly? :p
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  13. ___Tom___

    ___Tom___ Member

    was there a confirmation that it's not her or that it fell through?
  14. bjl12

    bjl12 Member

    It IS happening. She posted some pics on anon about shooting sets. I believe as many as 15 are shot. Can't wait !
  15. VolponView

    VolponView Member

    For those that don't like tattoos, prepare yourself for the new Kris. She is still beautiful but not an 18 year old teenager anymore.
  16. markh

    markh Member

    any previews? or link to the anon thread?
  17. pandion

    pandion New Member

    I am so excited to see new stuff from Kris! NN or whatever I am joining the site.
  18. JJ83

    JJ83 Member

  19. Wolfen

    Wolfen Member

    Well I for one loved her on her site and will be waiting patiently to see the new KK. Sounds intriguing.
  20. RandomAct

    RandomAct Member

    And just like that, my excitement has vanished.

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