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Kris Karson on New City


Someone posted on anon-ib that Kris Karson would be posing for New City. Since Cali Skye was there, that might be possible.

Anyone know anything?


The New City webmaster has only confirmed that a well-known model might be coming onboard, but he didn't want to confirm it until he had film in his hand, as anything could happen until then. He expected to be able to say for certain September 5 in a members broadcast. Until then we're all just guessing.

That said, even if the new model - whoever the hell she turns out to be - starts out on the NN site, it doesn't rule out nude sets and videos over on the Biz Cave site. So no sense getting disappointed in advance. Just chill for the next few days and we'll all find out.


It IS happening. She posted some pics on anon about shooting sets. I believe as many as 15 are shot. Can't wait !


For those that don't like tattoos, prepare yourself for the new Kris. She is still beautiful but not an 18 year old teenager anymore.


Well I for one loved her on her site and will be waiting patiently to see the new KK. Sounds intriguing.