Girl/Girl Lesbian Italian Kisses 2 (2007)

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    Lesbian Italian Kisses 2 (2007)


    Stars: Alina, Angela, Cleice, Dafne Larsen, Jenny, Nicol, Rude Viper, Selena

    This flick is a great compilation of lesbian kisses. Now, I know these girls can get down and dirty together, but this flick is featuring kissing scenes, not sex scenes. You'll get to see the truly passionate, mind bending kissing that two girls who really dig each other can do. They are hot and messy. Some of the girls are fully dressed and others get naked for the camera. Enjoy the show!

    Categories: Compilations For Women -> Lesbian International -> Italy Lesbian -> Sex

    File Size : 1.2 GB
    Resolution : 768x576
    Duration : 01:18:35



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