LovelyOphelia Group this morning?

Discussion in 'Model Discussion & Requests' started by ktown, Sep 9, 2015.

  1. ktown

    ktown Member

    So I was in the group show capping this morning and my camstudio threw a error code while it was encoding the video. I'm so choked! Did anyone catch it and wouldn't mind sharing their cap?
    I have a bunch of personally bought premium videos I'm willing to trade (Hottiekimber, Seraphine, TillyKush, SphynxLion, RussianBaby to name a few) as well as recorded group shows (PetiteMia, xx_chloe_x, Karacox etc). Huge thanks in advance.
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  2. VolponView

    VolponView Member

    She sure has started with a bang. Ton of people in her room every time I look.
    I don't have the cap you are looking for but I do have a suggestion. Get rid of CamStudio (for capping) and get TubeDigger. And yes, pay the $25 for the full version. It's the best money I have ever spent for this kind of stuff.
    Also, which Tilly vids do you have? The only good ones I have of her is the 3-way and one named Creamy Cum.
  3. ktown

    ktown Member

    Thanks for the tip VolponView, I will definitely look into TubeDigger as I need a more dependable program than what camstudio offers.
    As for the Tilly vids, I have Creamycum, Realistic BJ, Cheerleader Themed, Hitachi over Panties, Vegas Shower Dildo Fuck, Naughty Upskirt.
    I'm not ready to share them yet publicly due to the cost of these videos. I'm willing to trade however, if someone has her more recent videos.
  4. thatdood44

    thatdood44 New Member

    Is there any chance you could upload or share the PetiteMia group shows you have?
  5. MarinMarine

    MarinMarine New Member

    Thank you for that. It gives a lot of new opportunities for me.

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