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  1. grooks

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    After that she covered her mouth for a second and then said, "someone's gonna screen capture this". At the end when she grabbed her phone it seemed more than just a text. She turned her phone sideways and seemed to be recording her laptop screen and even moved the phone closer. The whole time with the phone she didn't seem all that happy.
  2. crixus

    crixus Member

    Did she have tech issues at all? Hence making the show 25 mins.? Usually there’s more talky talk, then the tease.
  3. pop71

    pop71 Member

    The show started about 20 minutes late but that's not too unusual. There were some problems getting started.
  4. katse

    katse Member

    i like where this is going
  5. ultraxx70

    ultraxx70 Member

    A few her latest shows sucks again. She just came to pick up $ 200-300 of tips and thats all ...
  6. teenluvver

    teenluvver Member

    What is she doing?? Got so hot a few weeks back but now showing nothing and taking the piss!
  7. VonRaschke

    VonRaschke Member

    Her shithead webmaster got on her case like when he nagged Bailey a couple years ago.

    MAXAGM Member

    Yeah, her newer shows are sucking now :(
  9. TheDudee

    TheDudee Member

    Her shows always suck unless she is high as a kite on whatever crazy drug she does.
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  10. ultraxx70

    ultraxx70 Member

    What happened to madden? Why she started crying in the middle of the show? :confused:
  11. Bfg9000

    Bfg9000 New Member

    She had gotten a diagnosis at the doctor for Graves but hadn't had time to process it yet before the camshow, so when she was talking about it she got a bit emotional.
  12. merlinshar

    merlinshar Member

    Someone was asking her why she wasn't having a show next week and got her talking about the surgery she has to have. I think she's really worried about it.
  13. ultraxx70

    ultraxx70 Member

    ok, thank you
    I understood about surgery but what exactly? Is it serious or something?
  14. Jukes07

    Jukes07 Member

    Yes it is serious, and can have some Not fun issues.

    Lets do the right thing and let Madden have the time she needs to process, and deal with her situation.

    Give her the space and lattitude to cope.
    She has a long and honorable history.
    So what if a cam or three are missed.
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  15. merlinshar

    merlinshar Member

    Oh - I didn't hear her say anything about Graves - I wasn't paying that close attention. That can be serious. My Grandmother had it. There are some diseases that you cannot take medications for if you have Graves. If Madden just found out about it, the Graves diagnosis was likely affecting her more than the surgery. My guess is her surgery is not Graves related since they usually try to treat that with meds first.
  16. Bfg9000

    Bfg9000 New Member

    Yeah, she had just gotten the diagnosis that day and was pretty upset. I agree with Jukes, give her some time to process and recover from surgery. She said she will miss this upcoming week and possibly the next recovering.
  17. Arksulli

    Arksulli Member

    Hopefully everything went well with the surgery, it can be a scary thing to go through for anyone. With luck she'll be back in a few weeks and feeling better then ever.

    As to the nudity thing, I think, as odd as this will sound, that she would be fine showing quite a bit more then she is. Madden isn't exactly shy and by now she's really comfortable in front of the camera. But the people that run the site are married to the idea of "at most a brief microsecond flash" from the models. Left to her own devices I don't think she'd bat an eye at showing a lot more.
  18. masterthes

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    why doesn't she run her own site then?
  19. MAXAGM

    MAXAGM Member

    From her latest show.

  20. Michael Moran

    Michael Moran Member

    What? Who do you think runs her site?

    She can do basically whatever she wants.

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