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Webmodels.tv Marina [Official] Chronological Videos Complete


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Marina - Some Seldom Seen Videos!

I think I should say from the beginning that I am not using the original names of the files. I found them rather meaningless and in some cases violated decent rules of privacy both for the model and the client who requested a shooting.

Marina made a big hit when she started modeling; no doubt due in large part to her two large assets - you can guess which ones. I have tried my best to post the material available in the chronological order in which it was produced. I believe she made at least 23 videos at her first job. She made 49 videos at her second job. All of the videos made on her second job were custom videos. Custom videos were only made by special request and the person who requested it paid for it. There were no videos made on this job which were not custom requests. Later, they offered almost all the custom videos as "so called" regular videos on a new website at much reduced prices. Marina was not comfortable working with other models and specifically requested that she not work with other models while filming. She only made one video on her second job with another model.

Marina has retired to private life and is proud of her 3 year old baby daughter. One can only hope that someday there may be another model from Russia like Marina. As a point of interest, Marina told me that her great-grandmother is still alive. So there are 5 generations of women in her family at the present time. Amazing. I wonder if all of them were as well endowed as Marina. Another interesting tidbit is that all the models who worked at her second job location were required to use their real life first names. That was a shocker for me. They wound up with a lot of models who had the same name and had to assign letters and numbers to them. Marina was assigned a letter prefix of "Y" and a number suffix of "161". Marina did do a little more modeling after her second job; I guess you could call it a third modeling job. Marina is still in her twenties and who knows, she might even return to modeling someday. She never said that she would; but I like to hope.

I have posted these videos as premium only. Please do not request that I repost them on another file hoster or that I turn off premium only. The file hosting companies pay KK a small amount for each account purchased from this website. This is the only income for this Forum. We have no advertisers as most other sites do and need this small income to pay for the things you receive almost totally free here.

I almost forgot to mention that there is another thread in this forum with a good part of her amazing photo sets. The previews in this post include 2 unknown early videos (ref KS01) they are called Marina3 and Marina4 below. If anyone who reads this, knows where they might be obtained, please don't keep it a secret. Also, it is clear that her first custom video (id est KC01) was much longer. Anyone who has the complete end of that video, please share. Also the site preview video (KS00) might be part of a longer video. Who knows? Enjoy in good health.

Isn't she glorious?
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The Godfather of Models
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Marina Video 161-001
This is the first custom video Marina made on job number two. As I said before, there were only custom requested videos at this job; where they used her real name.

Please find download links in last post in this thread below:

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