Discussion in 'Model Discussion & Requests' started by Tony.Orlando, Jun 7, 2018.

  1. Tony.Orlando

    Tony.Orlando Member

    I haven't seen anything from May in a while. Her site says "This May Model solo site will be closed soon.
    May Model will become a part of Amazing Models agency." Now that pretty much means she's done and her site is being archived, right?
    That would be bad news indeed. This may be old hat by now but I didn't see a previous discussion.
  2. Lazarus

    Lazarus Member

    I've interpreted things as you have and agree with your sentiments. Before she was done, I'd have liked to have seen her do some modeling work that was more sultry and emphasized her beauty. I enjoyed May's playful side, but it often came across as too goofy/juvenile and distracted from her beauty. We can hope she'll show up on another site but, with the exception of Katrina, I don't recall other models from that agency that have.

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