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So, just before TS went to an archive site, they made an announcement that there would be one last teen model - Maya Layne - and even set up a domain for it. The domain ahs been parked for months, and last I heard they were changing their billing process, but that seems to be done. Does anyone know what the current status is for Mayalayne?


According to Maya Layne's about page, her birthdate is July, 1998 making her only 16. Either I've totally lost my ability to judge age (seems to be the case), or she looks several years older than that.
Seems like a complete farce to claim that she's younger than Amanda Verona. Who would ever challenge such claims, though? At least the webmaster stopped writing those cringe-worthy and creepy write-ups from the perspective of the model for each update.
Her website claims she has 3 tattoos and 7 piercings. I only count the two on her face. It looks like she might have a tongue piercing and a fourchette piercing also.


She doesn't look 16, I'll give you that, but every single age that HAS been verified for models on TS and affiliates has matched up, and not a single one has ever been disproved, so until someone has something more than looks and a gut feeling to go off of, I'm going to have to believe them. I'd definitely believe her if she told me at a party that she was 18+ though, and probably end up on the sex offender list for my troubles. Girls definitely didn't look like that when I was 16.


Go on a webcam site like YouNow. I've seen girls younger than Maya who look like they could be in their early 20's. And yes she's younger than Amanda.


Haven't seen or heard of anything else with her. Although I'm not sure I would care. She was absolutely attractive, but her personality (or lack thereof) made it hard to enjoy. She seemed so bored during the vids that it made me bored watching her.


Holy crap, I thought she was gorgeous. IMO if she had shown a bit more then maybe she wouldn't have been perceived as boring. I wish she was still modeling so I could take more time to "evaluate" her.


She's 18 now. Does anyone have any news about her returning to modeling?
I remember some people here who had contact with her.


FFS! You bumped a thread a year old about a site that's been dead for three years.
As popular as she was for those 15 minutes, if she had popped her head up, the entire internet would have known about it.