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Discussion in 'Model Discussion & Requests' started by superman19, Nov 29, 2018.

  1. superman19

    superman19 Member

    Hi Guys & Girls.. I'm just wondering, is there many (or any) Madden pussy & or tit shots we should maybe start a thread about & we can share? I've never joined Maddens site as there's never quite been that pic or teaser that's give me that urge to join but, I do find her very appealing! I do like the tease models but I'd like to see or know if this tease has any slips that are worth throwing my extra cash towards to see or catch a bit more than just a 'tease' site.

    Thank you in advance for your help!
  2. teenluvver

    teenluvver Member

    Most sets now have a slip or two and the webcams are more generous. There are some older cams pre-boob job of good slips, A bit of googling will provide plenty of reward
  3. caredub

    caredub Member

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  4. bacasp

    bacasp Member

    Did Madden do a cam show on the 27th of December?
  5. teenluvver

    teenluvver Member

    No, friend died of cancer recently so took time off. Strangely no video or pic updates either
  6. bacasp

    bacasp Member

    Thanks for update.
  7. surround

    surround Member

    I think it's her mother who died… I don't expect any updates in the upcoming weeks. Pitty that it happened to her during this time of the year :(
  8. Bfg9000

    Bfg9000 New Member

    I think it was an aunt. But could be mistaken.
  9. hellofu

    hellofu Member


    here is a quick altering of the black and white pictures for maddens new set to green for more details to become visual.
    all i did was enter GIMP choose to colorize With hue: 100 Saturation: 73 Lightness: 7.
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  10. ford_prefect

    ford_prefect Member

    For these kinds of photos (and videos) it's more about gamma, contrast, and brightness. As you can tell I'm no pro, but I think this is what you were going for.

  11. hellofu

    hellofu Member

    yes and no. bumping up the contrast will wash out detail the and gamma can introduce artifacts. i when to a green scale to benefit the human eyes greater contrast in the green spectrum and it also made it look like a night vision picture.

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