MFC models who are hot but no one caps or talks about ?

Discussion in 'Model Discussion & Requests' started by jojo71, May 30, 2015.

  1. jojo71

    jojo71 Member

    I'm not talking about personal favorites,but girls with mass appeal who fall below the radar. My entry is Nicol004,blonde,crazy blue eyes,insanely pretty face,smoking hot body and yet ...............nothing??? Anyone else with a model that makes you wonder hmmmmm why isn't she tearing it up ?
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  2. lund30

    lund30 Member

    XSofine realy hot girl with great natural body
  3. just_j

    just_j Member

    sexyredpam on mfc is pretty hot

    BOZZOO Member

    are they the "sit n stare" type? if so, theres ur answer. a great many of them , when they do go pvt r grp just dance and strip. thats what theyre suppose to be doing to entice to get the pvts. who wants to see THAT when theres plenty of other girls doing that and more in public chat. its like they think they are the only girl on the site and are shocked that nobody is dumping tokens on them. far as who would i like to see capped more...

    tashasboobies/tannyaa, MFC and CB, i just posted her the other day

    hot_milfy_mom/Rose Redwood, MFC and CB, ive capped her alot but her pvt shows now are her just going thru the paces, she used to be 100x better, so i understand why shes fallen off.

    psychocandy, CB, alotta tats n piercings but still hot

    menlikebeer, MFC, shes 1 that i described, could do it, but... her shows arent very good.

    ok, i think i spun off a lil, but theres my rant...:D
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  5. tongue

    tongue Member

    Sit and stare? Would that be Jezebellxoxo?
  6. jukupeco

    jukupeco Member

    I once saw a video of Psychocandy aka. LoreLaye_ laughing. Forget any privates, groups, or paid video, in my opinion that one is the rarest. But yeah, she's hot.

    BOZZOO Member

    hmm...someone must have died. o_O
  8. jojo71

    jojo71 Member

    Good point BOZZOO but no Nicol004 doesn't sit and stare,nor does she price her self out of business. We have all seen that were some newb thinks she is way hotter than the other girls and is like" 3000 tokens until tit flash". That's why i started this discussion Nicol004 will actually engage the room in conversation and if you tip she will do what she says in topic. It got me to thinking why is her room not packed ? How does a girl like this not get noticed ? So i wondered if anyone else had the same observation about some other models on mfc.
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  9. necido

    necido Member

    Lizalicious MFC - I might be biased because I think she's incredibly hot but she somehow flies completely under the radar. She's also very great in public shows and doesn't save all the good stuff for private shows.

    Antonia__23 Cam4 - actually one of the hottest bodies I've ever seen and she does use toys in public. The only drawback is that she does only show half of her face.
  10. ptagg

    ptagg Member

    try Lelsy she is hot
    Faery_xo is smoking hot. but she is boring unless you take her pvt
  11. yeahboi

    yeahboi Member

    I agree she is hot, but I think her time zone doesn't help her.
  12. Freshness

    Freshness Member

    Magnetizing on MFC very hot girl with beautiful eyes.
  13. Milanaabee was ridiculously hot, I don't know if she still cams but I've been looking for caps of her for so long
  14. theunderkin

    theunderkin Member

    One of my favorites is Amy_juggs aka bestfotomodel she's curvy with huge tits and a bug butt. Pretty face and gorgeous eyes. I don't see much of her stuff around.
  15. RandomChance

    RandomChance Global Moderator Staff Member

    I'm not into the whole cam girl thing but I do love Taylor True and I rarely find any of her shows. I think the only shows of her on the site are the ones I posted from her site rip. She's ultra cute, has an AMAZING natural body, and her voice and personality are just adorable. So where are all of her caps? She even modeled for a couple of legit sites so I would have thought she would have been more popular when she was camming.
  16. RandomChance

    RandomChance Global Moderator Staff Member

    I checked out that Nicol004 girl and she was OK looking. If I was feeling generous, I would give her a 6. That's the thing, who one person finds gorgeous, others find only so-so or sometimes ugly. I've lost track of how many times someone has asked who some hot chick is and when I click on the link, I nearly die from fright. Some guy once referred to Taylor True as having a "butter face"! I wanted to beat him senseless, then realized he already was to think she wasn't hot!

    I have posted girls I thought were perfect 10s and only had a few dozen downloads. And I've posted girls who I found completely unattractive from the same site and got hundreds of downloads.

    It's like with music. You probably have a few favorite bands/singers who you thought were going to be HUGE but ended up going nowhere. For me, I can't figure out why Susan Justice isn't a household name by now. Her debut album was just amazing.

    So the moral of the story is: Just because you think some chick is hot, you can't automatically assume most other people will, too. And that's why a particular cam girl doesn't get the attention you think she should.
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  17. yeahboi

    yeahboi Member

    Beauty (or in this case hotness) is in the eye of the beholder
  18. cgx

    cgx Member

    Forest_Nymph would be the perfect 10 for me. The biggest tease on cam I've seen! Unfortunately she's only recently started getting nude so it will be an age before we start seeing her doing more hardcore things to herself - if she ever decides to!

    I'm also a fan of redheads and GingerONeil/GingerPeach and LunaRoux are two I enjoy. GingerONeil im finding hard to track down content for, bah!
  19. systmofadown

    systmofadown New Member

    Linnea_ She does trueprivates for hours and does nothing while in public or groups...I think if I got anything more then the few nip slips she's had I'd never go on MFC again...set for life haha. HoneyClaws would be my #2.
  20. Robotron

    Robotron Member

    One more who fall below the radar of this community. Maybe anybody have her group or private?
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