Michelle Romanis, Clarina Ospina and Valeria Lopera Group Cam Show

Discussion in 'Model Discussion & Requests' started by Marco, Mar 10, 2018.

  1. Marco

    Marco Member

    Janjaweed posted a Michelle Romanis cam show the other day that deserves some attention:


    Michelle isn't just getting other models to show up and tease a view of their breasts. Michelle Romanis is grooming new cam whores for us! She got Clarina Ospina and Valeria Lopera to go full nude. Clarina Ospina even inserts a glass dildo directly in front of the camera:

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  2. lizardboy74

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    She never inserted it. All she did was tease her labia with it. You can see her expression when it was "her turn" to be on cam with the dildo. Michelle said something to reassure her and then came these angles. They tried to get creative a few times with the camera angle and camera shake to make it look more real. And they did make it look more legit. But unless I was away from the show more times than I remember, it never actually went in.

    That said, I fncking love that she's getting these girls to cam with her. Not so sure she's grooming them so much as creating a name for herself to get these girls on her cam. And I sure as hell tuned in. And based on how quickly the recordings surfaced (an hour or so after the show ended), others are too. So it's definitely working. I hate watching cam shows live. I keep itching to fast forward to get good parts. But I watched all 4-5 hours of this one. hahah
  3. Marco

    Marco Member

    I didn't watch the show live. Kudos to you for managing to sit through five hours! I wish the capture recording quality and the lighting were better. But it is hard to capture a show that long and get good quality. I had to tweak the capture multiple times just to get a decent looking GIF. And I did fast forward through the five hours looking for the best bits. And while Clarina did not hammer herself with this dildo, in the GIF I think she definitely penetrated for a few thrusts. But not much or for very long. Still that counts as penetration in my book...

    You have to give credit to Michelle for getting other girls to come on the cam with her. I wonder if the other girls know what they are getting themselves into. Michelle definitely gets them to drink alcohol and then put on a show. I wonder if she pays the girls or promises to split earnings with them. It would be interesting to find out how these shows are orchestrated and what is in it for the girls who join Michelle. I will always be grateful for getting to see Yeraldin's titties because of Michelle's show. You can tell Yeraldin is the least interested in getting naked in front of the camera.

    MAXAGM Member

    When Yeraldin was on a few months ago, I remember hitting the download button so fast in hope of seeing her naked. Never happened and she haven't been on since :(
  5. Marco

    Marco Member

    Yeraldin's breasts were exposed. You saw that, right?

    MAXAGM Member

    For like a quick sec, right?
  7. Marco

    Marco Member

    Yes, it was only few times, and very briefly that Yeraldin showed her breasts. But it was captured forever, so it counts. I made a GIF of the few clear exposures of her breasts:

  8. voycam

    voycam New Member

    A great step forward for Yeraldin.
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