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    **This updated rules announcement comprises rules developed by WilliamTeller and myself. It has been revised to be more clear to new members. None of the rules have actually changed and nothing new has been added.**


    Do not make requests for new material in this forum if
    1. You have not been a member of Kitty-Kats for six (6) months or more, or
    2. You have not contributed at least twenty (20) meaningful posts to this board


    2. Browse existing requests to see if you can fill someone else's request before making a request of your own
      • If you fill a request, make sure it is posted in the appropriate forum.
    3. Example pictures are extremely beneficial and might spark additional interest but do not hotlink URLs to pay sites or affiliates
    4. Dox and personal/stalker information are forbidden
    5. Do not bump or duplicate your own requests, but feel free to reply to someone else's SAME request
    6. Do not flood the forum with requests or replies (if you have to ask how many that is, you're probably posting too much)
    7. Trading of any kind is banned within this forum. See the notes below for information regarding trading on our board.
    8. The use one of the allowed imagehosts is mandatory inside this sub-forum also, all the member disrespecting this basic rule will get warning points
    9. All other forum rules apply, obviously


    • All members (regardless of membership time or number of posts) may:
      1. Request identification of models provided they post an image of the model in question.
        • Offsite links are not allowed in this forum except for links that direct to an established image host (imagebam, imagevenue, imagetwist, etc.).
        • If you do wish to post a video for review purposes in this forum, it must be displayed with the [VIDEO] tag. The sites supported can be seen by clicking on the video button on the WYSIWYG editor.
      2. Request the re-upload of previously posted material as long as they provide a link to the original post.


    **This has been included verbatim from the previous revision of the rules for an explanation of specific rules. There is nothing covered below that is not encompassed by a rule listed above.**

    For those of you who wish to join our board with the sole purpose of making a request, consider this your only informal warning. Over the past few days, all that I have seen in this forum are requests from members who haven't contributed anything or just joined the board. Not only is it rude for you to expect to get something from our community without first making a contribution of your own, but it is pure selfishness. From this post forth, all members who wish to make a request in this forum must have made at least 20 meaningful posts or 6 months membership. The key word here is 'meaningful' which implies that your post has helped in some fashion.
    We have many areas of the board that could use some extra attention: There is a technical help forum that you could offer some advice in. There is a music forum that hasn't had many viable contributors for months. You could report rule violations. Hell, you could start a thread in General Discussion & Entertainment Requests about the pending doom of the Middle East.​
    A meaningful post does not have to be downloadable material, but if you choose to go that route then more power to you. Think of this as a 'Pay to Play' scenario.

    A couple of exceptions to this: All members may request a re-upload of material that is already posted in the internet models section within this forum if you provide a link to the thread whose files are inactive. All members may post a request for identification of a specific model as long as they provide an image or a screen capture of a video. Do not post full picture sets or videos in this forum; they belong in one of the forums corresponding to the content that they are depicting.

    The next issue is that of TRADING on our board. These forums are not to operate like craigslist or ebay. Up to this point, I've been kind enough to simply edit out the parts of your posts that imply that you are willing to trade for material, but when I run across ten or more of these posts per day I feel as though it's defeating. Do not offer to trade in any of the discussion & requests forums.

    Since this is your informal warning, I will also be kind and give everyone a week to read this thread for themselves. As I come across your offending posts before the passage of a week, I will first direct you to this thread before moving into formal infractions. If you end up getting banned for requesting without contributing or for offering to trade, your access to this forum (and all other discussion & request forums) will be revoked until you can prove to staff that you are capable of playing by the rules.

    02 May 2012 addition:

    This message has been posted here, and not included in the board rules, because it applies only to posts that will be made here. All posts made in other forums for re-uploads must adhere to General Rule # 4: any thread that is not continuously updated and has had no new material for three weeks must be left alone and requests for re-up's must go in the Discussion & Requests forum. That being said, a member who requests a re-up outside of the two week window is in violation of General Rule # 4. Any member who posts a request for new material outside of this forum is posting in the wrong section. Of course, all requests may be made via PM regardless of post count or membership time (if you're a newbie here, you'll probably get ignored if you choose that route but you never know).
    28 February 2015 addition --> GENERAL GUIDELINE # 8 ADDED
    • I am tired of replacing preview pics posted inside this sub-forum without using one of the allowed imagehosts: Starting immediately all the requests with not-allowed imagehost inside will be trashed and members will get warning points, which is the first step to a ban period

    The fact that you are not posting any content does not make you exempt from the rules. I will not be editing thread names in this section any longer. Threads whose titles have numbers and symbols in place of letters will be removed and infractions will be issued for ignoring the rules.

    Just so we're clear on the meaning of this:

    • "a" is not the same as @
    • "e" is not the same as 3
    • "g" is not the same as 9
    • "i" and "l" are not the same as 1 or |
    • "o" is not the same as 0
    • "s" is not the same as 5
    • "t" is not the same as +
    • "V" is not the same as \/
    • "W" is not the same as vv
    • "z" is not the same as 2

    3@5y +0 r3@D is not easy to read. If your grandfather would have a hard time understanding what you wrote, so will our search tool.

    I'm sure that I've missed some of them. If you want to imagine strange ways of disguising your thread names, that's fine... Keep them to yourself. Use only letters (and occasionally numbers if they are part of a model's actual moniker) in your titles.
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