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KK Big Tit Collections Nadine -J - Guestmodels | update 2019-07-21


The Godfather of Models
Staff member
from MilenaVelba.com:

4 years ago, I decided to start a new education and it is 1 year now since I have started working in my new full time job. Unfortunately I find less and less time to model for this site and now I realize that it is not fair to offer just one or 2 photosets per month for my members who have supported me and my work for such a long time. I know some of you support me since 2004 when I started this site. Thank you so much for keeping this site alive for over 13 years. I will keep this site open and maybe, change the design and functions for making it easier to browse through my photo- and video-archive. If we will find the time we will try to offer the old clips in higher quality. I will not dissappear completely. I am sure I will find the time to work for my friends at www.nadine-j.de

Until then ... take care. Thank you. Kisses. Bye bye. Milena P.S.: All Instagram-, Twitter-, Facebook-, whatever �socialmedia� pages that use my name, are fake. All of them!!