Nikki Sims (aka "The Illustrated Woman")

Discussion in 'Model Discussion & Requests' started by Silicate, Apr 25, 2018.

  1. Silicate

    Silicate Member

    I've just now noticed, though I can't imagine how it escaped my attention how. The last few sets with those big honkin' tats on her right thigh. She had nice thighs. Keeps herself in pretty good shape generally.

    And here I was finally getting over those stupid piercings she had.

    Does anyone who subs to her site happen to know if she mentioned any reasoning behind the renewed illustration of a body that, quite frankly at least in my opinion required no embellishment. Certainly not random artwork. Did she acquire a scar that needed to be covered up or something of the sort?

    I subbed to her site, long ago. And to Phil's as well. Indeed even Christina's. But her long tease wore thin. Still I admired her looks and for the most part I consider tattoos the same thing as deformities. Especially big, blatant and random ones. I make exceptions for women who obviously go into the idea of the thing with purpose, but otherwise I guess I'm just old fashioned.

    For the record, I approve of small tattoos in limited locations or covering the entire body. No half-assing it. As for piercings, normal numbers of regular ear piercings are fine. Nothing to distort the earlobe. Earlobes are erogenous zones and don't need to be screwed with like that. Also the likelihood of the pierced individual being in a tribe seems remote. No piercings on the face/nose. They just distort the symmetry. Also nose studs look like warts... and I never found moles sexy either. Apart from nipple piercings - nothing needs to go below there.

    Now, understand these are just my own standards. But I find it difficult to be attracted to the prettiest or most beautiful woman if she insists upon defiling her body beyond a certain point. YMMV.
  2. MrLurker

    MrLurker Member

    She has talked about getting them for years. And at her last birthday her husband said. "It's your body go nuts!"
    Well this is what her idea of a late birthday present to herself looks like......
  3. Jukes07

    Jukes07 Member

    Its Nikkis choice.
    As you stated, she does take good care of herself, and father time has been kind.

    I will prob remain a member till it gets to be too much.
    I'm not there yet.

    I'm still comming to grips with Maddens additions.
  4. Silicate

    Silicate Member

    They're just so lame looking and in such a random location. Unless she just wants to conceal them under clothes, but then why make them so damn big and prominent and mar otherwise unblemished skin that looked just fine.

    Now this is just an analogy mind, but imagine the Mona Lisa. A tagger comes along and tags it. Then when the hue and cry inevitably happens people say "Oh no! That's art too! You have to like and accept it!" That's how I view the female form in the natural state. In little need of permanent embellishment.

    As far as Madden goes, at least the things are normalizing a bit and look somewhat natural now. Not the swollen balloons they were at first.

    Oh well, maybe Nikki will go all the way and join Suicide Girls :). Or at least find an artistic director for her body.
  5. wdat

    wdat New Member

    Never been a big fan of tatts; matter of fact, when she got this new disastrous one, I stopped downloading her pic sets; I still download some of her weekly movies (when they don't suck); but her cam shows have been the best so far, and I do download those. I've been a fan since the begging with Pfil; she's a true beauty; we've seen so many of these girls come and go, but she's still around; I just hope she doesn't end of looking like this; then I just won't be able to get off at all..........:eek:[​IMG]
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  6. Silicate

    Silicate Member

    Heh, nice one. That would truly be a train wreck. After an airliner crashed into it. On an iceberg piercing a cruise ship.
  7. dataentryjerk

    dataentryjerk Member

    At least we got some good looks at her before she started inking herself up. Think of the poor Amanda Verona fans who had to wait until she was halfway to Bonnie Rotten-town before finally showing some skin.
  8. zerasze

    zerasze Member

    well she just tweeted shes gonna take a surprises here since last updates were very boring
  9. masterthes

    masterthes Member

    are her and her husband on the skids?
  10. Jukes07

    Jukes07 Member

    Hopefully she gets things sorted and in perspective.
    She has provided a lot of fun and good times on the journey.
  11. so_right

    so_right Member

    One good thing about her new tat is how easy it is to spot new material as opposed to upcycled old stuff
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  12. nuckingfut

    nuckingfut Member

    Anyone have the new uncensored pic from Phil?
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  13. CyFrog

    CyFrog Member

    Decided this thread needed some Nikki in it since it is all text.
  14. CyFrog

    CyFrog Member

    One thing I will say about Nikki videos is her videos are sometimes fun or funny. This was one of the funnier ones. The paint really didn't hide much.
  15. CyFrog

    CyFrog Member

    Here is a new gif of her Flashing while in the car.
  16. cvbhui

    cvbhui Member

    Can anyone share which vid this GIF came from?
    Thanks so much!
  17. c1a1

    c1a1 Member

    2016 - Work of Art
  18. cvbhui

    cvbhui Member

    Thanks. Thanks. Thanks!
  19. CyFrog

    CyFrog Member

    2015-04-10 Honey Tits
    This made me like Honey a lot more. Never wanted to lick honey more.
  20. Moderator CM

    Moderator CM Member

    Every set/video should look like honey tits. Her last post AGAIN like she's a 50 foot woman standing on top of

    Worst view ever

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