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    Dear members,

    thanks for reading this important message. November is a cold and grey month in the northern hemisphere, so we have decided to bring some color into your life. Like we did in previous years, we hired a model to create our own content. This time, it is not an amateur, and the location we rented was even used for TVspots before. Its is partly sponsored by FILEFOX, but we put 1200$ of our own money into this project as well.

    Starting next week, we will post one set every Wednesday and a Video each sunday, using Filefox as host. We will not destroy them with big logos, so feel free to post them on other boards or share them with your friends. There are roughly 20 sets and videos available.

    Here is a sneak peek on upcoming sets:


    We will also use FileFox to repost our previous models, adding roughly 30 sets and videos not seen before.

    We will also increase the use of Filefox for third party content.

    Furthermore, XENFORO is expected to release vers. 2.0 of its board software later this month (Beta 7 is the current status). We will test it on a separate server to make sure the transition runs smoothly. We hire a skilled system admin to help us with that task.

    What can you do to help us? Please report posts that look suspicious: A few "smart guys" posted fake links to make it look as if they follow our "recommended host" rule. But they never uploaded any content to our recommended hosts, instead they dumped their load posted on many other boards. If you find a dead link minutes after release, in 95% of all cases it never was live.

    Please help us kickstart Filefox. We are too dependant from one host, and we already feel that. Bad support, new fees, payouts that come very late. any site sales that simply disappear. All we get are poor excuses. It was time to act.

    Have fun with Kittykats, enjoy our unique content and help us keep our standards high. We need your support, and we appreciate it.

    Have a nice fall.

    The KittyKats Team

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