Pics or Videos?

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What do you prefer, Picture sets, Videos?

  1. Picture sets.

    3 vote(s)
  2. Videos.

    8 vote(s)
  3. Both.

    3 vote(s)
  1. Falcon_369

    Falcon_369 Member

    Often wondered, what's more popular, I only ever watch videos & I never download any picture sets, I prefer real time action, rather than still images.

    Anyone have any views on the subject?.
  2. bornegg

    bornegg New Member

    I guess it comes down to availability, videos are awesome, but sometimes there just aren't any where even the biggest prudes probably have a nude or two floating around.
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  3. kellogg9

    kellogg9 New Member

    For some reason im a pictures type. Altho i like vidz i think pix just get to the point, holding onto that great shot..while vidz pass by a great shot too quickly.
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  4. bornegg

    bornegg New Member

    Yeah and the kind of detail you can get in a picture that would be impractical or impossible with a video, but I believe both have their merits.
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  5. Kateylove

    Kateylove New Member

    Adult video tube sites are getting way more traffic than TGPs and other Picpost Sites. Just compare or other tubes with tgp like in alexa ranking.
  6. Rayka

    Rayka New Member

    In the days of Dial-Up my go to was pics. But now, I CANNOT go back. I need motion lol
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  7. Catty

    Catty New Member

    Pics are more hot than videos i guess.
  8. Falcon_369

    Falcon_369 Member

    Although I do like pictures, I just way prefer moving action, I'm actually surprised pictures seem more popular.

    I do remember the internets early days, when videos online were of a very poor quality ( yeah I'm that old:D ) so maybe it stemmed from there, pictures usually being decent quality & videos were just not worth watching or downloading because of their poor quality, so pictures had a good start.
  9. Jessi Shedrick

    Jessi Shedrick New Member

    While I do like pictures, I prefer videos more. Pictures are nice to look at you can take your time studying all the details, but videos are what gets me going. The sound and action. Once I'm in the mood video is more of a background noise to keep the mood going;)
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  10. Falcon_369

    Falcon_369 Member

    I totally agree Jessi.:)

    Like the saying " actions speed louder than words".
  11. Cuncam

    Cuncam New Member

    Exactly! Fully agree!
  12. happycam

    happycam Member

    I like both - pics and videos. It depends from mood and quality. If video have average quality Id like to see photos of this scene...
  13. BethatGirlDee

    BethatGirlDee New Member

    both videos and pics and something some GIFs :)
  14. DevZero

    DevZero Member

    No question, I prefer vids. I only download picture sets within bigger collections.

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