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  1. bogart

    bogart Member

    pop_rox (mfc) shes doing a marathon stream and mentioned some old nude video as one of the high tipper prizes. I've never seen her do anything beyond the rare boob flash. Anyone have said video, or a cap where she's fully nude?

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  2. rickdatl

    rickdatl Member

    New here..still setting up pic and vid hosting...but I do have a strip/oil vid of her...

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  3. rickdatl

    rickdatl Member

    I have a strip tease/oil rubdown/full nude vid when she was Roxy_T on mgf. She also had a masturbation vid available..I do not have that but I wold love to get it!
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  4. MercuryXero

    MercuryXero New Member

    You would be a hero if you uploaded that man!
  5. Pervert80

    Pervert80 New Member

    Rick, you are a god for posting these videos..I have been looking online for these for a long time..please do post if you have more pics and vids of hers..she is also on snapchat and kik now..hopefully there are more out there..:)
  6. rickdatl

    rickdatl Member

    Looks like our content was deleted....never fear rox fans... we remain steadfast in our pursuit!!!
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  7. rickdatl

    rickdatl Member

  8. anagram

    anagram Member

    Roxy's second camathon is coming up, (she's now calling herself RoxysRampage). I tried to download the above links, but got an error message of "file not found". Rick, could you please re-up the files? BTW, any luck in finding her masturbation video? Many thanks.
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  9. rickdatl

    rickdatl Member

    oil reloaded on datafile

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  10. anagram

    anagram Member

    Rick, thanks very much for the reload. As for a Roxy update, publicly, she's been headed in a less explicit direction for a very long time. Her MFC room is pretty much G-rated now, and oftentimes she just sits around wearing a hoodie (or even wrapped in a blanket), and just talks. She's also expanded into online gaming, and her hard-core regulars have followed her there. She has a number of deep-pocket obsessives who tip lavishly just to watch her play a video game, or just sit and talk on MFC (as Roxaholics she used to have a screenshot on her profile of an 88K tip that some guy gave her for her birthday - the same guy is still in her room constantly, still tipping large). She's a smart model who knows her audience, and how to use them. She just posted on her profile that she's become a non-nude.

    Thanks again, Rick., for the upload. If you, or anyone else has any more of her stuff, please upload it, since from here on out, it looks like she'll only be doing private Skype shows for her regulars.
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  11. bogart

    bogart Member

    makes those old ones all the more treasured to find. wish I had discovered her back then to cap something. im sure someone has them, please share! I did notice this marathon she wasn't offering a vid like the last one.

    Had the same problem with cherriecola where by the time I saw her she stopped showing anything. :/
  12. bogart

    bogart Member

    seems like she has a lot of white knights, including here
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  13. kebby

    kebby Member

    Can someone PM me a link to some vids of her?
  14. BadDay777

    BadDay777 New Member

    Does Anyone have anything on her? PM me if you would. It would be greatly appreciated!
  15. vsthonglover

    vsthonglover Member

    If anyone does have her could you PM me as well? Thank you very much!

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