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    No hardcore, lesbian, webcam or amateur content

    No reposting of any material already present elsewhere on Kitty-Kats


    A thread title should include the name(s) of model(s) and photo-set title. Without these, searching will be severely hampered and reposts will be inevitable! Use spaces to separate words and names, NOT periods (full stops) or any other characters/symbols, otherwise the search system will be compromised. The thread Prefix will specify the originating studio/site.

    Inadequately or improperly titled threads risk being trashed.


    A standard post should comprise no more than 5 clickable thumbnails on one of our approved imagehosts, coupled with a download link to one of our recommended filehosts. The ZIP/RAR set thereby downloaded must produce a complete set of full-size images, as published by the originating studio/site. Do not post filehost links that require registration or purchase of a premium account to download the file.


    Megathreads of unrelated material are not permitted! Any such threads will be closed or trashed, and penalties may be incurred.

    Megathreads exhibiting an identifiable theme - for example, material from a single porn site, or girls of one nationality, or a single model's content, etc.. - may be permitted at Mod discretion, but collecting together a random set of personal choice material in one thread is not acceptable! Such material should be posted as single post threads!

    Do not use a megathread to post (hide) material from sites that have no Fine Art Girls prefix!

    Each photo-set posted in a megathread should follow the same rules as for single post threads in terms of the information required!
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