Request to UltimateWanker - meetmadden cam record 3. Nov 2016

Discussion in 'Model Discussion & Requests' started by surround, Nov 5, 2016.

  1. surround

    surround Member

    Dear UltimateWanker, it seems you are the only one who is recording cam shows from yourdailycams (at least for bailey knox and brooke marks). Do you also have a record of meetmaddens cam show from 2 days ago?

  2. aaronmb316

    aaronmb316 Member


    Its literally just a split second.
  3. crixus

    crixus Member

    image isn't working..repost??
  4. Michael Moran

    Michael Moran Member

    I think you're a bit confused. That's from a years-old show that was offered as kind of a trade/incentive for somebody to post the missing part of the Nov 3, 2016 show.
  5. TheDudee

    TheDudee Member

    While we're on this topic, does anyone have any advice for how to successfully record YDC shows? I'm using replay media catcher and using the digital video recorder. It only records a few minutes at a time and then it stops. Are there any other settings that I need to configure?
  6. adamkdr

    adamkdr Member

    Yes there was a topless spot in the Nov 3 2016 show, but she won't upload it to the archives, much like the one above that I uploaded the other day in hopes of inspiring someone to post the Nov 3 show. If anyone has it, it would be greatly appreciated!
  7. VonRaschke

    VonRaschke Member

    Why ask for UltimateWanker to upload it now when you can wait a few weeks for it to be uploaded as "Meet Madden Topless Cam UNCENSORED"?
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  8. crixus

    crixus Member

    is it? whose going to upload it as that? ?
  9. surround

    surround Member

    impatience, purely impatience :)
  10. adamkdr

    adamkdr Member

    Does seriously no one have this? Every other one seems to have been recorded by someone. Incredible.
  11. surround

    surround Member

    weeks passed by and I hoped for a x-mas surprise or a new year's miracle.....anybody can help with the request above?

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