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  1. Fourtytwo

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    Updated 2019-01-08

    Dear members,

    this is to inform you about important changes coming up on Kitty-Kats:
    Later in 2019, Kitty-Kats will require you to upload your content on as a mandatory host. Other secondary hosts may be used if they are posted together with a link.

    In addition to a standard 60/50 % payout you get a 3 month bonus of additional 5 % if you change now and create a new account. Simply mail your username to to collect your bonus.

    Old posts on other servers stay online until (at least) April 2019

    Have fun.

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  2. jaydenfan

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    the site dont let me upload files, i need a resler code or somthing?
  3. Sashkalegion

    Sashkalegion Global Moderator Staff Member

    Better if several mandatory hosts
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