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    It is YOUR responsibility to read, understand and follow this guide, and generally to behave like a reasonable human being. If you have a problem then ask for help! You can post questions regarding these rules in our Problems & Suggestions section, or open a conversation with an Admin/Mod.

    If your Kitty-Kats account is suspended, you may create a temporary account to enable you to communicate with an Administrator/Manager, but if you're discovered using it to continue posting on the forum, the original suspension period will be doubled or possibly even made permanent!

    We are privileged to admire and enjoy the girls that fill our forums with their glamour and sexiness. However, we also respect their privacy and security, and we will not permit any personal details such as telephone numbers, addresses, or any information by means of which they might be located or contacted, to be requested, posted or offered anywhere on Instant ban applies to anyone ignoring this policy!


    • This is an English-speaking site.

    updated 2017 - March 7
    • Posts with filehost links must contain links from one of the hosts shown below in green!
    • Kitty-Kats is about fun and entertainment. There can be no justification of high blood pressure, rude language, flaming, or indulging in any sectarian feuds, hate or racism in any part of the site, including avatars, profile pics or signatures! If you don't like the look of something, then don't go into it, and certainly don't download it! If something offends/upsets you greatly, use the Report Button, or PM an Admin/Mod.

    • Model bashing offends the girls, discourages posters, and generally causes arguments and aggro, so we'll have none of it!

    • Offer thanks to deserving contributors, and they will contribute more! But leave threads older than 2 weeks alone, don't "bump" them or request re-ups! Send a PM to the original poster or post a request/conversation topic in one of the Discussion & Request forums instead!

    • Links in signatures may only be used if they redirect to another page on kitty-kats. No other links in signature may be used, except with the prior permission of the administration. Links in the bodies of posts will fall under the same scrutiny.

    • Please help with the smooth running of Kitty-Kats by using the Report Button to raise bad posts with the Moderators.

    • If you enjoy your visit to Kitty-Kats, tell your friends! Otherwise PM an Admin/Mod.

    • Requesting material in the chatbox will result in chatbox posting access removal.

    • Admins are always right, Mods nearly always so!

    • In the unlikely event that it appears that an Admin/Mod might be wrong, please refer to the previous statement!


    updated 2018-08-21
    1. Prohibited Content

      A) Do not post any content that is illegal in Western European countries! For clarity, in addition to the under-age-related restrictions, Kitty-Kats prohibits :--

      B) The depiction of rape (even if allegedly faked) and the inflicting of pain or actual bodily harm.

      C) The depiction of 'Scat' and bestiality.

      D) The depiction of secret spycam/hidden cam imagery acquired in toilets, dressing/changing rooms, etc..

    2. Read and follow any guidelines posted in the respective forum or subforum!

    3. Search before posting to avoid duplicating an earlier post.

    4. Remain alert to our list of recommended, accepted and forbidden hosters. It may change from time to time.

    5. MEGATHREADS : Where megathreads are permitted on Kitty-Kats (see local rules/guidelines) they will only be allowed where they comprise an identifiable "theme", which means that they must contain clearly related material! For example a megathread might feature one Model exclusively or the content from a single porn site. Other recognisable "themes" might be permitted - at the discretion of Moderators of the forum section involved - but seek guidance before creating one!

      Do not use an approved megathread to hide or disguise content that might be considered inappropriate to the forum section involved or indeed Kitty-Kats as a whole! Such action would be considered devious or even malicious, and dealt with accordingly.

      Each entry in a megathread should reflect the rules regarding the content, format, titling and supporting data/information required for a single post thread in that forum section so that searches might not be compromised.

      Megathreads discovered to comprise unrelated material will be closed or trashed, and penalties may be imposed.

      updated 2012-03-29
    6. Splitting download files into parts less than 200MB is not acceptable, we recommend 400MB parts.

      updated 2014-02-05
    7. Image previews of downloadable videos or photo-sets are mandatory! Thumbnails should be 300x300 pixels or higher. Thumbnails of complete photo-sets in all appropriate forums should be presented on a single imagehost from our approved image host list found here. Providing information about your video clips or pictures will boost the amount of interest your post generates, with a corresponding effect on the numbers of downloads. So take a moment to describe what it is you're posting, not just the bare details of the girl's name and the set/clip title - the more you put in, the more you'll get out! Make your post look as tidy as possible, and preview it before you click the submit button.

      updated 2012-03-29
    8. Posts with a thumbnail screen capture should include a file description; example: (File size 187mb - Duration 08:21 - Vid type .avi).

    9. Don't post filehost links that require registration or purchase of a premium account to download the file.

    10. Do not replace any alphabetic characters in thread titles with numerals or symbols, or in any other way obfuscate names, etc., - the DMCA "police" are not so easily fooled, so it merely scuppers our search system! And the use of link protectors, anonymizers, or url-shorteners is not permitted.

      updated 2017-07-20
    11. Maximum Post limits

      Current Kitty-Kats (i.e across the whole site) posting limits are :-

      New Members & Probationers - 5 posts per 24 hour period
      Members - 30 Posts per 24 hour period
      Elites - 50 Posts per 24 hour period

      Some Sections/Forums entail local posting restrictions which may over-ride the above

      Staff Members - unrestricted​

      updated 2015-03-23
    12. Apart from where specifically authorized in particular forums, don't post megathreads of unrelated stuff - "Best Teens of the Net" will be deleted, "Complete Site Rip of xyz" is okay.

      updated 2017-07-15
    13. FLOOD POSTING : Don't try to dominate the board by posting like a maniac! With the exception of 'new' material, there's no reason to post today what can wait 'til tomorrow. Slowly building threads or adding content generates a following and develops anticipation for what you may post next.

      The use of scripts/bots for uploading/posting contributes greatly to forum flooding and adverse server loads, apart from delivering unacceptable levels of duplicate postings and other failures to acknowledge Kitty-Kats rules! Consequently the use of scripts/bots for uploading/posting content on Kitty-Kats is hereby prohibited.

    14. Do not post spam or make off-topic posts!

    15. Don't use the Code Tag for downloadable links in your post. These links must be clickable.

    16. HTML in posts is prohibited. BBCode is acceptable, but use sparingly.

    ** If you have a problem with a Moderator's actions, talk with them. We cannot help you if you don't present your case. If you still can't get your issue resolved, talk with a Manager. Please don't pester Administrators; they're busy making sure the board stays open and functional.
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    Amendments relating to allowed filehosts, and the banning of scripts/bots for posting content.
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    Addition clarifying the sort of content prohibited by Kitty-Kats.
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