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Mixed Sexy Supergirl / Superheroine / Cosplay / roleplay / parody


Movie title: Ardent and Halcyon Succumb to the Power of the Purple Man 720p
Time: 25mn 15s \ Size: 2.02 GiB \ Video: mp4 \ 1280x720 \

Tags: All sex, Blowjob, Cosplay, 2017, Alix Lynx, Sarah Brooke, 720p



Movie title: Batwoman Defeated, Disgraced, Unmasked
Time: 1h 0mn \ Size: 1.54 GiB \ Video: mp4 \ 1280x720 \

Tags:big tits, blowjob, bondage, facial, cumshot, fetish, roleplay, 2017, Lauren Phillips

Description: Batwoman is sitting in her office with her civilian outfit. Her computer buzzed.
BATWOMAN: It's a bomb threat! This looks like a job for the Batwoman!
She suited up her Batwoman outfit (A quick closes up with her gloves, boots and mask) and she left her office right after she is ready. She walked in the warehouse and look around for the bomb. After a quick search she located the bomb and the bomb is counting down. She defused the bomb very quickly.
BATWOMAN: This is a too easy for me!
Suddenly the bomb is shooting some gas on Batwoman. She choked on the gas and start feeling dizzy.
BATWOMAN: Oh no. It's knock out gas.
She hold her head with her hands and shakes her head to get a clear sign. She walked slowly and trying to leave the warehouse. A henchman shows up and trying to stop her from leaving.
HENCHMAN: Batwoman! where do you think you are going?
A fight scene between Henchman and Batwoman. Batwoman desperately tries to defeat the henchman, but she was too dizzy and missed her attacks. The henchman is taking full advantage and put some damage on her. Batwoman tries to defense herself, but her strength was worn and eventually overpowered by the henchman. Batwoman was and lying on the ground after the fight. The henchman examined her body suit and put a remote controlled vibrator inside her pussy and closed her suit after. He carries and ties her to a X-Poe/chair in another room of the warehouse. He takes out the remote and press the button. A rapidly vibrating sound comes from the heroine's crotch. Sometime later, close up on Batwoman's head.



Movie title: Brandi Mae - Superior Muscle Goddess 1080p
Time: 11mn 37s \ Size: 734 MB \ Video: mp4 \ 1920x1080 \

Tags: Femdom, Mixed Wrestling, Muscular Women, Superheroines, 2016, Brandi Mae, 1080p, HDRip

Description: Women are the superior in everywhere and Muscle Goddess Brandi Mae makes sure her bitch realizes just that!



Movie title: Jessa Rhodes Justice - Drained and Destroyed 720
Time: 1h 4mn \ Size: 2.81 GiB \ Video: wmv \ 1280x720 \

Tags:All Sex, Big Tits, Blonde, Superheroes, Superheroines, Bondage, Facial, 2016, 720p,Jessa Rhodes



Movie title: Piper Perri - Super Gurl Weakened, Beaten and Broken 720p
Time: 26mn 55s \ Size: 611 MB \ Video: mp4 \ 1280x720 \

Tags:Teen, Small Tits, Parody, Male Domination, Humiliation, Rough Sex, Helpless, Facial, Feature, Cosplay, Bondage, forced orgasm, 2017, Piper Perri, 720p

Description: SuperGurl has boldly walked right into Baines lair. She knows he plans to spring a trap with the kryptonight he has stolen. But before he can get the case holding the kryptonight open Super Gurl uses her super speed to take it from him.Now she deals out some much deserved justice, using her greater strength and invulnerability to pummel Baine. But as she is beating Baine down the case beeps and springs open. Suddenly Super Gurl feels the weakness. Now it Baine's turn to punish the cocky "teentitan." ***The scenarios depicted within this video and its previews consist of role play games in which all participating parties have fully consented to all demonstrated activities. Every measure was taken to ensure the actors' safety and well being throughout the production of this content, and participants maintained clear communication with the crew at all times to ensure a safe performance. These stories are intended to depict purely fictitious, fantasy situations.



Movie title: Savannah Fox- SuperGirl
Time: 50mn 21s \ Size: 1.48 GiB \ Video: wmv \ 1440x1080 \

Tags: FemDom, Superheroines, MixedFighting, Blowjob, Handjob, Strap-on, Face Sitting, Ballbusting, 2016, Savannah Fox



Movie title: Silver Staff - Mind Mastered by Mysterio
Time: 21mn 26s \ Size: 938 MB \ Video: mp4 \ 1280x720 \

Tags: blowjob, brunette, cumshot, facial, fetish, forced, 2014, Silver Staff, 720p

Description: Silver Staff is a confident dominating and aggressive superheroine, she storms into Arch-Villain Mysterio's lair to confront him. She easily deflects his mystical energy balls and pins him with her staff to his throat. But she was over confident...
Mysterio uses his mind magic and makes Silver Staff into his puppet, whenever she tries to resist the magic overwhelms her and her eyes roll up in her head as she has not choice but to obey. Forced to dance in costume Forced to Masturbate in costume
Forced to crawl and then suck the villains cock until he fills her mouth Magically put out
Forced to strip Forced to dance on him in slutty costume
Now Mysterio is totally aroused by her erotic dancing and he throws her on the table and tell pulls out his enormous cock,
"Please, its too big, it'll tear me apart" Silver Staff begs
"Fine, you can leave whenever you want" Mysterio says stepping back so the superherion can get away But as soon as Silver Staff rises Mysterio laughs and slams her back down with his magical control and then fucks her with out mercy. SIlver Staff screams and moans, unable to resist his powers
Finally Mysterio has had enough of Silver Staff's pussy and makes her finish with her mouth until she takes it all over her face. The Villain uses is magic to put her out again and she is left laying covered in disgrace



Movie title: Superheroine Supergirl God of War
Time: 54mn 17s \ Size: 1.52 GiB \ Video: mp4 \ 1280x720 \

Tags: big tits, fetish, creampie, blowjob, cum in mouth, facial, domination, bondage, blonde, 2017, 720p, Alix Lynx, 4.27.17

Description: Under typical circumstances, Supergirl wouldn't waste her precious time on a museum robbery. But this was no ordinary museum robbery. Briefed by Wonder Woman on its importance and value, Supergirl hunts down a very unique antique warrior helmet. Finding it in the hands of the war profiteer Diemos, the superheroine is ready to make the recovery a quick ordeal. However, Wonder Woman was too vague in her briefing. Diemos knows more about the helmet than Supergirl, including its historical and mythological significance as the armor of Ares, the Greek God of War and Battlelust. Before Supergirl can grab the gear, Diemos places the helmet on his head. He couldn't be sure that the legends were true before, but with an otherworldly light, the villain finds himself transformed into the mighty Ares, strength and all. Supergirl may be powerful, but she's just no match for a god. And soon she finds herself on her knees before him.
Already feeling violated and humiliated, Supergirl finds herself chained up at the mercy of Ares. The weaker the newly incarnated god can make the superheroine, the more she becomes just like any other woman, powerless and waiting to be used.
As rest allows Supergirl to recover some of her strength, she manages to break free of her bondage. But the superheroine is stubborn. Before she is back at full strength, she pursues Ares who has only gotten more powerful in the interim. He no longer needs physical strength to control her. Ares can make her stop in her tracks, crawl on her hands and knees, and even spread her legs with just a verbal command.



Movie title: Superheroine Wonder Quinn Enslaved
Time: 1h 2mn \ Size: 1.58 GiB \ Video: mp4 \ 1280x720 \

Tags: big tits, blowjob, brunette, cum in mouth, facial, forced orgasm, parody, 2017, Quinn Wilde, 720p

Description: A mighty heroine's wrath can be heard in the distance as shots fly and guards fall. Legion frantically fiddles with his new device as his last and strongest guard bursts into the room mid-battle. Having deflected every shot thus far, Wonder Quinn laughs at the guard's attempt to hit her. She throws him into the wall, and his lights go out. Now her attentions turn to Mr. Legion. The panicked villain attempts to use his new voice modulator to control her, but she is far too strong for his technology. Just as Wonder Quinn starts her attack on Legion, the seemingly out guard swoops in from behind and turns the tables. Legion and his guard keep the now helpless heroine in a daze as her humiliation begins. In her hazy state, she has little options but to comply as her mouth is violated.
Legion and his minion were able to keep the superheroine weak for a short time, but she is still too strong to be controlled by the voice modulator. As there's no time left to modify the device, the devious villain commands his guard to make Wonder Quinn cum over and over and over again until she is too weak to resist his commands.
Wonder Quinn isn't sure if she's madder at Legion for taking control of her or at herself for her inability to resist his commands. He makes her dance for him, her body giving into his will more and more. By his command Wonder Quinn becomes more and more aroused as she displays her superheroine body like a common stripper. But dancing isn't enough to show her just how broken she is. With a switch of his voice modulator, Legion makes Wonder Quinn masturbate until she begs for him to fuck her.
Wonder Quinn is now completely at Legion's mercy. Her humiliation has broken down her mind so much that he doesn't even need to use his voice modulator anymore to command her to spread her legs.



Movie title: The Huntress - Taken by the Invisible Stalker
Time: 33mn 5s \ Size: 740 MB \ Video: mp4 \ 1280x720 \

Tags: brunette, blowjob, bondage, comshot, natural tits, forced, pov, fetish, facial, 2016, Casey Calvert, 720p

Description: After my success with beautiful Batgirl I am completely confident in my invisibility spray. I lay a trap for The scantily clad slut known as The Huntress. Of course, being so bold and confident, she struts right into it. I toy with her, sounds, touches, and of course disarming her one weapon at at time. She goes from confident to panicked and still I take my time before finally putting my ultra-potent rag over her mouth. She struggles but is no more able to stand than poor Batgirl. Now a little rope and I can have my fun with her too.



Movie title: Lilith Luxe - Demon Lilith Seduces Batman 720p (1)
Time: 00:12:18 \ Size: 395 МB \ Video wmv \ 1280x720 \

Tags: Superheroine, Blowjob, Pussy Licking, Face Sitting, Female Orgasm, 2016, Lilith Luxe, Batman

Description: Batman is on the hunt for a Demon Villainess, Lilith Luxe. Her teleportation powers make her nearly impossible to find, and her magical demon seduction powers make her extremely dangerous…
She appears in front of him wearing lingerie and fishnets with pink panties and a corset. Lilith laughs, “Looking for me, Batman…” She works fast and with a simple touch Batman is nearly frozen under her powerful seduction spell. His incredible strong will allows him to struggle against it for a moment. He can’t help himself from wanting her, but at least he is physically stronger, so he chokes her against the wall and takes control.
“Have it your way, Lilith…” Batman gropes her and feels between her fishnet covered thighs, rubbing her pussy. Lilith laughs and rolls her eyes. She knows she is really in control. Just when she knows Batman is completely full of lust she disappears again. He scans the hallway for her but can only hear her voice.
“What’s wrong Bats? Are you worried I won’t play with your cock?” Lilith cackles, then suddenly reappears on her knees in front of him with his hard cock already in her mouth. She laughs while she sucks his cock. He stays frozen under her spell. She drools on his cock, taking all of his will.
“If you want to cum, you’re going to have to give me something… Will you take off your mask?” Batman refuses to unmask himself and reveal his true identity until Lilith toys with his throbbing cock refusing to suck anymore…
“Fine!” He moans, and she teleports his mask right off his face.
“I’ll get your cum even if I have to teleport it out of your balls!” Lilith doesn’t need to use her powers. He sloppy sensual blowjob technique makes Batman fill her mouth with cum. She lets his cum drip down her chin, stands up and tells him to kiss her. Batman is completely her slave now. He kisses his own cum out of her demon mouth and she pushes him onto the floor with one finger.
“I’m not done with you. I’m going to teleport us somewhere more comfortable where I’ll ride your hero face for all eternity…”
They reappear in one of her secret rooms and she’s already sitting on his face, riding his tongue with her pussy. She has an orgasm on his face, then pulls him up so she can wrap her fishnet covered legs around his head while he licks. All Batman can do now is moan with a face full of her beautiful, powerful demon pussy.
Lilith enjoys his tongue and reminds him, “If you don’t do a good job, you’ll end up just like the Flash…” as she points to a skeleton looking over them in the room…
Lilith Luxe has just used her demon seduction and teleportation powers to make Batman her sex slave. Now they reappear in one of her secret rooms and she’s already sitting on his face, riding his tongue with her pussy. She has an orgasm on his face, then pulls him up so she can wrap her fishnet covered legs around his head while he licks. All Batman can do now is moan with a face full of her beautiful, powerful demon pussy.
Lilith enjoys his tongue and reminds him, “If you don’t do a good job, you’ll end up just like the Flash…” as she points to a skeleton looking over them in the room…



Movie title: Power Gurl Weakened Defeated Mesmerized HD
Time: 1h 6mn \ Size: 1.51 GiB \ Video: mp4 \ 1280x720 \

Tags: SUPERHEROINES, Mental Domination, blowjob, all sex, Nikki Delano, 2015, cum on face, 720

Description: Part 1 - Power Gurl Catches a common thug trying to rob one of Lex Luthur's secret offices. She discovers it wasn't the evil billionaires gold or jewels the thief was afterWeakeningDamsel in DistressPart 2 - Power Gurl has tracked down the thief that left her bound next to a lethal amount of kryptonite. She still wants to know what the thug know about Luthor, but the thief has other plansWeakeningK0Forced OXXX Sexual DominationPart 3 - Power Gurl decides to confront Lex Luthur directly, but, she finds herself helplessly under Luthor's Mental Domination when he uses his newest invention against herMesmerismMagic ControlCompelled MasturbationMindless BlowjobCompelled BlowJobMindlessly FuckedCompelled to Fuck



Movie title: Black Adams Vengeance The Fall of Supergirl & Green Lantern Alix Lynx Lynn Vega 720p
Time: 1h 13mn \ Size: 1.87 GiB \ Video: mp4 \ 1280x720 \

Tags: All sex, Blowjob, Cosplay, 2017, Alix Lynx, Lynn Vega, 720p, Supergirl

Description: A year ago Super Girl faced Black Adam, the superheroine was all but defeated when Green Lantern joined the fight and took Black Adam down. now Black Adam has escaped super-prison and GL is on his trail, confident she can take him down again. This time things don't go GL's way and she is stripped of her ring and doesn't have enough strength of will to pull it from BA's grasp.
GL is forced to cum over and over, her will getting weaker and weaker, fear of losing her powers growing stronger and stronger as her connection to her ring begins to fade She is afraid to just be Lynn Vega again, and no longer be a might Green Lantern. Even her costume disappears when her bond with the energy ring is finally broken. Black Adam decided after the last fight to get a lantern on his team as well and his Friend Sinestro helped with this plan. Will Lynn take the yellow lantern ring?
Black Adam has taken the Governor and issues a challenge to Super Girl to face him alone. SG is confident that she has grown stronger since the last fight and shows up ready for battle. SG seems to have the upper hand, until she is attacked from behind. Green Lantern is now Yellow Lantern and as SG's fear of suddenly having her greatest ally turn against her Lynn's Yellow Lantern power grows. SG is defeated and taken prisoner.
Black Adam wants a little one on on one payback and the weakened SG is chained up and BA uses a kryptonite plated wand to make her cum more times than she can take, until she pleads for mercy.
Now Yellow Lantern takes a turn alone with her former friend, and SG is too full of fear to resist as YL uses and violates her.



Movie title: Wonder Girl Broken Will Melissa Moore 720p
Time: 58mn 45s \ Size: 1.49 GiB \ Video: mp4 \ 1280x720 \

Tags: All sex, Blowjob, Cosplay, Melissa Moore, 2017, 720p, Superheroine

Description: Wonder Woman is recovering from injuries of an epic battle. She has entrusted her power items to her protege Wonder Girl. The young superheroine is determined to be worthy of WW's faith and sets her sites on arch-villain Lex Luthor.
Wonder Girl follows up on a series of leads and tracks down LL to a rundown gym. Luthor and his assistant are occupied in conversation and Wonder Girl walks up and with great confidence demands Luthor's surrender. A battle ensues between Luthor's assistant Mercy Graves and Wonder Girl narrowly gains the upper hand as MG hits her with multiple surprise attacks. Wonder Girl is ready to take Luthor by force However LL is not without his own surprises and he is able to take WG down with a rag over her mouth.
Now WG is chained up and Mercy Graves interrogates her, wanting to know the secret of how to make Wonder Woman's magic bracers, belt and lasso work. WG is defiant as MG questions her while forcing to cum over and over beyond human endurance.
WG wakes up still securely chained but calls on great Hera and is able to break free. She doesn't get far before she is attacked with ko gas. MG was ready for her.
Now WG wakes up chained to a hospital bed. The does of gas was nearly lethal but LL has other plans for her. He Uses his mind-control device one WG repeatedly while forcing WG to cum over and over. Each time WG falls more under the villains control until she goes into a mindlessly obedient trance.
LL unchains her and commands her for his pleasure, both while in a trance or helplessly compelled to obey WG must follow every order even till her mouth is dripping with the villains load.
WG has been LL slave for countless days. She has her power items back but cannot use them against Luthor. Even more humiliating is the skimpy new uniform she is forced to wear. WG is between begging and demanding to be set free of Luthor's control but the villain just laughs and demonstrates how much control he has over her, using her as his fuck slave until finally satisfied he covers her pretty young face in cum.



Movie title: Jessarella - Shipwrecked and Enslaved
Time: 22mn 29s \ Size: 986 MB \ Video: wmv \ 1280x720 \

Tags: Belly Punching, Mixed Fighting, Slut Training, Big Tits, Female Orgasm, Female Training, Groping, Bound Orgasms, Domination, Fingering, Lift and Carry, Low Blows, Ko, Submissive Sluts, 2016, Jessa Rhodes, SUPERHEROINE, 7/22/16, 720p

Description: Jessarella's ship has crash-landed in a strange and unfamiliar place. As soon as she sets out to explore the new area, she set upon by hulking guards! She tries to use her lasers to knock them out, but damage from the crash has rendered them useless. Jessarella pulls out her sword and braces for intensive melee combat.
Defeated in battle, Jessarella is in chains as she is thrown before the King. For her crimes against him and his kingdom, the King sentences her to become a slave. But Jessarella certainly will not go into enslavement without putting up a fight. She tries to hold out as long as she can as a guard covers her stripped down body with the oil of obedience. The oil fills her body with overwhelming pleasure until she just can't take anymore orgasms and surrenders to servitude.



Movie title: SuperHeroine Adventures
Time: 1h 1mn \ Size: 1.84 GiB \ Video: wmv \ 1280x720 \

Tags: All Sex, BlowJob, SuperHeroine, Anal, DP, 2015, Cory Chase, Harley Quinn Origins, 720p

Description: Meanwhile in Arkham Asylum, Harley Quinn is having a session with her Psychiatrist. He offered her an early release if she captured a Rogue Cop and his sidekick. Harley jumps onto the opportunity and signs the paperwork. The Doctor leaves behind the contract and several weapons for Harley along with the location of the Dirty Cop.
Later that day, Harley found the Dirty Cop sleeping and poked him in the chest with a load revolver. The only mistake made by Harley was not watching her back. The Side Kick quickly put her to sleep so they could have fun with her.



Movie title: Lady Butterfly, the mysterious thief (Tsubasa Amami, Minami Natsuki) (SSPD-128) 1080p
Time: 01:56:40 \ Size: 4,68 GIB \ Video: MP4 \ 1920x1080 \

Tags: All sex, Gangbang, Humiliation, Superheroine, 2016, SSPD-128, 1080p, Tsubasa Amami, Minami Natsuki

Description: Her name is Ageha Kuroi. She has been called as "Lady Butterfly" because she leaves the card with a picture of a butterfly at the scene of the crime. Her next target is a gold-colored jewel that is called as "The Drop of Apis". The owner of the treasure is a man who is commonly known as Poisonous Spider.



Movie title: Green Lantern - No Will to Resist Extended Edition
Time: 50mn 12s \ Size: 1.27 GiB \ Video: mp4 \ 1280x720 \

Tags: blonde, blowjob, bondage, cumshot, creampie, cunnilingus, fetish, femdom, domination, big tits, Alix Lynx, 2017, 720p,

Description: The city is quiet for the night, and Green Lantern has tracked sultry villainess Lynx to an empty restaurant. He is quite confident that he can handle the feminine feline, so much so that he fails to notice her subtle attack. Just by walking around him, Lynx has enveloped the Green Lantern with powerful pheromones that weaken his ability to resist her. Before he knows it, he is on his knees worshiping her pussy. Lynx takes advantage of the hero's vulnerable position to smother him and knock him right out.
Green Lantern comes to strapped down in Lynx's sadistic lair. Slinking over and rubbing her body on the helpless hero, Lynx shows off the new green ring on her claws. Without his ring, he is without will, without any way to fight back, and without any way to resist. Lynx tells him, "Kitty needs her milk," and she places a saucer aside. She plans to milk every drop of cum out of him to strengthen her own powers. No matter how many days, or what means, it takes. And the more of his power she consumes and bathes in, the stronger her primal nature gets...



Movie title: Wonder Woman Bound For Humiliation
Time: 21mn 31s \ Size: 488 MB \ Video: mp4 \ 1280x720 \

Tags: All Sex, Cosplay, Blowjob, Cumshot, 2/22/16, Aria Alexander, 2016, 720p

Description: Wonder Woman is looking for an informant in a seedy low class strip club. She is taken from behind by a common burglar with a rag over her mouth. He had just planned on robbing the place, but he took the chance and soaked a rag with whatever was in a very suspicious looking bottle. Now he has WW helpless and uses her won lasso to bind her wrists
Wonder Woman has to tell him the truth and obey him and the burglar is going to take total advantage.



Movie title: Gigi Allens, Silvia Saige - Sexually Captive 1080
Time: 16mn 2s \ Size: 877 MB \ Video: mp4 \ 1920x1080 \

Tags: Milking, Milking Machine, Superheroines, Gigi Allens, Silvia Saige, Femdom, 2015, 1080p, HDRip
Description: Robin is held hostage and sexually captive to super villains Cat woman and Poison Ivy. They deviously milk his cock to steal his sperm. These evil villains will stop at nothing to complete their plan! This is a Porn Parody.