Sofi Novak?

Discussion in 'Model Discussion & Requests' started by RandomAct, Jan 25, 2018.

  1. RandomAct

    RandomAct Member

    Hi, has anyone checked out any of Sofi's solo site stuff? Anything that can be posted? She was always one of the best TS girls, and she's only gotten hotter.
  2. Dunrungill

    Dunrungill Member

    Yes... She is gorgeous and I am hoping she progresses similar to Shay Adams. But not there yet.
  3. redbedred

    redbedred New Member

    I was thinking of joining as I agree she is very hot and one of the most natural pretty girls on TSE.




  4. aaagary123

    aaagary123 Member

    Yeah this girl is crazy hot. Seems like quite the good model too. It's fun to watch them tease when they actually know how to do it. Which she does indeed!!!
  5. lighty325

    lighty325 Member

    I swear her boobs weren't this big on TSE right? But they still look natural... did she just have a growth spurt or something?
  6. is tse teenstarleteuro?
  7. redbedred

    redbedred New Member

    Yes she had about 15 sets on there I believe.
  8. aaagary123

    aaagary123 Member

    Again this girl is something else. 10 out of 10 from me for site joining recommendation.
  9. aaronmb316

    aaronmb316 Member

    I just wish there were more slips. I recently rejoined Alex Arabella's site and her newest videos are in 4k, however, I didnt notice a difference.
  10. Mooseybaby

    Mooseybaby Member

    Sofi....... WOW WOW WOW, she is one seriously hot girl! Recently joined the site before her sets start being removed as per their 6 month drop off policy. There's a few see-through sets and the occasional nip slip, but videos tend to be a lot more revealing than the released images from the shoot, albeit mostly very quick flashes, blink and you missed it moments.

    Site content is just videos and shoot pics, no behind the scenes, candids or blog! :-(
  11. danzigfan

    danzigfan Member

    The next few videos look really promising.
  12. 19silver21

    19silver21 Member

    Hope so. She got the looks.
  13. danzigfan

    danzigfan Member

    The next three she's nude, but if she reveals anything...
  14. DarthBater

    DarthBater Member

    How is the new update looking?
  15. Sheester

    Sheester Member

    I'd say it's looking pretty good :)

  16. danzigfan

    danzigfan Member

    Lol, I was just about to say that there's a lot more slips and acting more flirty. Hopefully she'll do a shower video in the near future.
  17. AggroCrag

    AggroCrag Member

    Does anyone have her newest sets?
  18. nolo11

    nolo11 Member

    The last video, looking forward, is her best one so far,IMHO.
  19. Lazarus

    Lazarus Member

    She looks different in her last two updates. It seems she plumped her lips... maybe lost some weight? She's still attractive but not the beauty she was before the changes.
  20. danzigfan

    danzigfan Member

    Wow, her last few vids...

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